Circle of Life

by | Jul 21, 2020 | Back Blasts

QIC: No-See-Um
PAX POSTED: Endo, Grouper, Vanellope, DBA, Fudd, Belding, Anchorman, Apnea, Miley, No-See-Um



QIC: No-See-Um


Pax: Grouper, Endo, Vanellope, Fudd, DBA, Apnea, Anchorman, Belding, Miley, No-See-Um


Somewhat of a rather quiet bunch this am as all must have still been dragging from Endo’s beatdown Saturday or those of us that completed the Sasquatch.  Great to see Fudd back after a couple weeks busy with work.  Vanellope also back from his week of vaca!  Oh, and Apnea surprised all the pax as he showed up only 30 seconds late this am and made it to the BB Courts before the morning mosey started 🙂


10 total pax were on hand ready to start off their Tuesday with a bang and after the disclaimer was given while holding plank, off the pax went for a mosey to the roundabout.


Warm-Up consisted of SSH, Imperial Walkers, Merkins, Mountain Climbers, Baby Arm Circles, Michael Phelps and Frankensteins.  YHC gave heads up that BLOCKS would be needed and there were plenty to go around.  Back at the courts it was time for 3 rounds of EMOM.


Blockee’s x10

Lion King’s x12

Block Swing’s x14

OH Press x16

Block Curls x18


Lion Kings: New exercise unveiled to the group even though been in the F3 Exicon for awhile now……YHC missed perfect opportunity to time the music with the workout, but thankful Grouper chimed in right on tune for our “Circle of Life” song as the pax started out on their first set of Lion Kings!! 

After first two rounds a lap around dog park w/ block was completed.  Last lap was w/o block and a FULL Lap.  YHC also had to audible to some Plank, SSH, Six Inches and LBC’s during the downtime becasue too much standing around, HA!


Time was running short so after quick sip right into the next exercise.  YHC wanted the pax to get a little more of a taste of the Sasquatch so the 5th workout was utilized to finish things off.

Four Rounds of following:



8 count body builders

Big Boys

American Hammers (easy way)

Flutter Kicks (easy way)


Rd 1: 5 reps each

Rd 2: 10 reps each

Rd 3: 15 reps each

Rd 4: 20 reps each


YHC intended to get in the Bear Crawl/Crawl Bear but 6:15 hit just as most men finished out their 4th and final set.  Great push by all at the end to Finish Strong!!!



YHC encouraged each pax during the nameorama to let everyone know how life was going and anything on their minds.

Fudd seemed glad to be back and was cranking out the Block sets like a champ!

Belding wants a 2.0 workout soon to get his daughter off her lazy behind and be motivated. YHC believes we’ve all been dealing with this some since this pandemic started.

Grouper traveling to Keys end of next week so prayers for safe travels and enjoyable getaway with family.

Vanellope back from his vaca with family and looking as FRESH as ever…hmmmm! Praise for his brother who has recovered from COVID.

Endo’s 2.0 (daughter) taking driving test soon so prayers for everyone else on the road. Also, be thinking of his M as she is school nurse and unsettling times with school starting back soon.

Anchorman getting busier at work and downtime over past months has given him and M time to get setting into new home.

DBA and family still trying to sell home but not a good enough offer yet. DBA also ready to take citizenship test once govt. offices open back up so prayers for him there.

Apnea headed back to work after site-wide shutdown for week or so. Mandatory testing for COVID so prayers that there is no outbreak at his office.  

Miley and family doing well with lots of projects around the house. Prayers for brother as had to have right leg amputated at the knee due to complications from knee replacement.

YHC thankful to hear what’s been going on in all the pax’s lives. Lifted up M again as she goes in on Friday for testing to find out what’s causing stomach pains, etc.



YHC said it at the beginning that ole Flat Tire would have liked today’s beatdown because very limited mosey……at least for a YHC workout (my Strava said 1.9 miles). 


Awesome to see Fudd and Vanellope back out after a week or so hiatus. Very motivated bunch today once everything got going and the men woke up 🙂  Honored to lead today and looking forward to great rest of the week.




*This Saturday, July 25 is our guest Q by Bing from F3 Suncoast!


*The following Saturday, August 1 is Sasquatch 2020 Saturday so see slack for start time details from Endo.