Mosey with Miley

by | Jul 31, 2020 | Back Blasts

QIC: Miley
PAX POSTED: Belding, No-see-um, Vanellope, Haka, Flat Tire, Apnea, Grouper

QIC: Miley
PAX: Belding, No-see-um, Vanellope, Haka, Flat Tire, Apnea, Grouper,

Quick disclaimer given, and straight into warm-up:

Warm-Up, all IC
Cotton Pickers x 10
Frankensteins x 10
Overhead Clap x 10
Seal Clap x 10
SSH x 15

Mosey to round about

Warm-up deuce to get the legs loose
All PAX on a line at the roundabout
Broad jump to next line, 10 x squats
One full circle

Indian run/catch me if you can with PAX in rear doing 1 burpee before sprinting to the front.
3 full sets brought us to the big roundabout at the other end of Nature View Rd

Partner up
Partner 1: Completes a lap with exercises at each cross walk – (3) sets total

Diamond Merkin x 20
Shouder Taps x 20 (hard way)
Plank Jacks x 20

Partner 2: Set of Bruce Lees, plank when finished (YHC miscalculated the timing, so plank was a little longer than anticipated)

Once all PAX finished, partners swap spots and complete another round.

Indian Run our way around Long Lake Ranch Blvd to the opposite side of the Lake to find a nice spot for..


At each light post, one exercise was completed:
10 Star Jack Burpees
20 Mountain Climbers (hard way)
30 Big Boy Situps
40 Flutter Kicks (hard way)
50 SSH

Slosey to the next light post to get a breather, then back down the escalator.

50 SSH
40 Flutter Kicks (hard way)
30 Big Boy Situps
20 Mountain Climbers (hard way)
10 Star Jack Burpees

Mosey back to the courts to get the final push in:
Circle burp with high knees for the last 3 minutes


Prayers for DBA that he heals up and is able to join us soon at full strength

Prayers for our nation that we stay united through these times


YHC is grateful for the opportunity to lead this group of HIM. It’s great to see each PAX out there pushing each other to be better.

Prayers for Endo and Vanellope that they’ll have the strength to keep up with YHC and Haka for this Sasquatch challenge Saturday. Hopefully they don’t fall too far behind 😉

Lets all think about getting an August challenge organized – potentially No-see-ums thoughts of team EHing?