Should I Just Throw Up Now!??

by | Aug 29, 2020 | Back Blasts

QIC: No-See-Um



QIC: No-See-Um


Pax: Haka, Cheesehead, Geek Squad, Endo, Vanellope, Boobie, Anchorman, Miley, Flat Tire, Sloppy Joe, No-See-Um


Well, nothing gets the pax’s adrenaline and excitement going like the start of the Iron Pax Challenge 2020 on a Saturday gloom.  Even if it is “only” week 0 and a test run for the guys up at @f3greenwood…….if you could hear YHC talking while typing you’d hear the extreme sarcasm, LOL!


11 pax took that infamous #DRP this am and were ready to kick IPC week 0 right in the gonads (that’s a highly underused word!:)) However, as all of @f3nation knows…..sometimes, and more times than not, The IPC KICKS BACK!!!


7:30 am and YHC welcomed the pax, recited the mission of F3, gave the full disclaimer and promptly asked what the Five Core Principles of F3 were.  The pax delivered with no hesitation……

  • Free
  • Open to All Men
  • Held Outdoors, Rain or Shine, Heat or Cold
  • Led in rotation fashion by peers
  • Ends with COT


Then off the pax went with a mosey down Nature View towards the big roundabout past Haka and Apnea’s houses.  A few side shuffles (both directions), some back pedals, a quick set of Mountain Climbers, some walking Imperial Walkers and walking Lunges along the way.  Hung a hard right on Nightshade Drive and there was the set up for the mornings Iron Pax Challenge about 75 yards away.


Week 0:

4 rounds of the following

  • 50 Squats
  • 40 Big Boi Sit-ups
  • 30 Merkins
  • 20 Bonnie Blairs (hard way)
  • 10 Burpees
  • 400 Meter Run


All pax quickly got into position to begin after YHC and Endo demonstrated the proper form for a few of the exercises.  And off the men went….thank god for the motivational tunes as it got painful pretty quickly.  YHC believes he heard Boobie mention he might as well go ahead and make himself throw up Right NOW!


All men pushed till the end and great to see the motivation by all pax.  YHC had some other ‘stuff’ written on the BOP once pax got done before the six finished up, but that quickly went out the window 🙂  Everyone completed the challenge under 33 minutes so that gave the pax a good 12+ minutes to make it back to the BB courts.

Stopped a few times on way back to get a half a set of Bruce Lee’s in (Leg Raises, Flutters, LBC’s) with a lot of SLOWSEY in between. 


Approx. 3.5 miles put in…….probably 5-8 lbs lost…..and at least a couple gallons of sweat left on the pavement throughout our journey today!




-Continued prayers for Vanellope’s M’s dad battling colon cancer. And also special TAP’s for Vanellope’s M’s grandmother who suffered a stroke.


-Praise for YHC’s sister who had successful knee surgery.


-Prayers for Geek Squad’s elbow and fast healing.


-Prayers for all the 2.0’s back to school and a safe, successful year. 



-Great effort by all today and special shoutouts to our newest FNG’s Boobie and Cheesehead for making it through this crazy IPC this morning without complaint and killing it!!


-Vanellope out to a commanding lead today through 2+ rounds but Haka quickly overtook him sometime during round 3. However, the old fart YHC/No-See-Um still had one last burst in him and took home the crown today.


-Great seeing Geek Squad out even with missing time because of his infection in his arm.


-Anchorman and Endo strong to the finish and throughout……Anchorman even caught up to Vanellope on the last 400 meters as they crossed the finish together!


-Our man Sloppy Joe as smooth as it gets looking like he’s done a few of these types of challenges before…sporting his “Embrace The Suck” shirt!!!


-YHC was honestly hoping for more out of the 20-something Miley…..guessing those 26+ miles from last weekend are still weighing heavy on dem legs 🙂


-And last but not least, YHC knows ole Flat Tire was just saving up his endurance for the Yes Man Mile tonight!!!





-Yes Man Mile tonight at 7:00 pm sharp…… and pizza after so should be a great time.  Come on out for a bit even if you are not doing the challenge or if you are gonna just run a few miles with us 🙂


-Tune in to ABC news at 6 pm if you’d like to see a story by Anchorman on Tampa’s own Tom Brady……followed up by a story on F3 Lutz!!!  Yeah baby, lets goooooooo!!!