Urkel’s VQ!

by | Oct 8, 2020 | Back Blasts

QIC: Urkel
PAX POSTED: Endo, Smokey, Goose, Cougar, Grouper, Cheesehead, Apnea, Miley, Haka, No-See-Um, Vanellope, Flat Tire, Belding, Waterboy, Urkel

QIC: Urkel

PAX: Endo, Smokey, Goose, Cougar, Grouper, Cheesehead, Apnea, Miley, Haka, No-See-Um, Vanellope, Flat Tire, Belding, Waterboy

The nerves of my VQ, coupled with the Vice Presidential debate, didn’t leave much room for sleep! However, I managed to make it on the courts by 5.10am to visualize my planned Q and put my nerves at ease. For the most part, everything went well, except for a couple miscues and spraining my finger while hurrying to put my shoes back on (they fell off during mountain climbers) :/

It was a humid morning, and although we are approaching Winter here in Florida, there was no sign of our usual snow in sight! 15 PAX showed up energized and eager to see if I would bring the pain! Way to push it men, your motivation and strong mindset keeps me going!

Basketball Court:

Reviewed Disclaimers: I am not a paid professional, I am doing this on my own accord and F3, Long Lake Ranch and myself are not responsible for any injuries that may occur during these workouts.

Reviewed the 5 guiding principles of F3:
1.Free of charge
2.Open to all men
3.Held outdoors rain or shine
4.Peer led light in a rotating fashion
5.Ends with the CoT

10 Side Straddle Hops
10 Frankensteins
10 Imperial Walker
10 Baby Arm Circles
10 Reverse Baby Arm Circles

Mosey to Circle:
10 Wide Merkins then Duck Walk to next line
10 Squat Jacks then Inch Worm to the next line
Repeat until back to original position. If you finish early, plank position until everyone is finished.

Mosey to Tennis Courts:
Count into 4’s, divide by numbers, each number takes a corner and rotates after each minute of:
Big Boy Sit-ups
Elbow Plank
Al Gore
Mountain Climbers
Run In Place
Plank Jacks

Mosey back to Basketball Courts:
In BB courts, 5 Side Straddle Hops (hard way) and 5 Burpees followed by jog around small circle. Repeat 4 times. If you finish early, continue doing Side Straddle Hops.

Basketball Courts:
10 Flutter Kicks
10 Box Cutters
10 LBC’s
10 Leg Raises
10 American Hammers
10 Jump Squats
10 Shoulder Taps
10 Lunges
10 Merkins
10 Donkey Kicks

Continued prayers for our 2.0’s, family, friends and everyone around the country and around the world who continue to suffer from the Coronavirus pandemic. We pray that it’s over soon and that we can all get back to some type of normal life again!

Great work today gentlemen! All the best to @Cheesehead on his VQ this Saturday 10/10, we were supposed to do it together but unfortunately family duty calls and I had to be in Orlando, hence my name Urkel (Family Matters) 🙂 @Cheesehead, keep on pushing, you’re my inspiration! You will definitely crush it on Saturday, sorry I will be missing it!

For those who recently joined F3 like myself and continue to regularly post, keep up the hard work! You know who you are @Smokey, @Waterboy, @Goose, @Cheesehead!

Until next Q gentlemen, cheers!