Saturday Beatdown: Schools in session

by | Dec 26, 2020 | Back Blasts

QIC: Chowdah
PAX POSTED: Chowdah, Grouper, Belding, Vanellope, RubNTug, Goose, SloppyJoe, Hitchhiker

12/ 26

0730 hours, ~34 Degrees, @ The Boneyard

8 PAX to burn off and beatdown the Christmas feast dinners

Review the 3 Fs of F3

  1. Fitness
  2. Fellowship
  3. Faith

Reviewed the 5 principles of F3

  1. Free of Charge
  2. Open to all Ment
  3. Held outdoors; regardless of weather
  4. Peer Led
  5. Ends in the COT



DangerZone- SS hops to song dangerzone. Every time “dangerzone” is said, yah squat.

Next,10 in cadence; front arm circle, backward arm circle, forward claps, and overhead claps


Mosey to school parking lot

Kerkins (aka Chuck Norris Merkins, aka knuckle push ups) – 10 in cadence

Found a ledge; uneven Merkins (one hand on ledge other on ground) – 7 in cadence each side


Mosey: circle around the school parking lot


LCBs- 10 (oyo)

X-cross abs- 10 (oyo)


To the fun part; use of parking spaces

3 levels: (3 groups)

Group 1- first lot of parking spaces: Snake drills, high knees on the straight way, side step to the next line. repeat.

Group 2- second lot ”   “. Suicides to marked spaces

Group 3- third lot ”    “. Bear crawl Burpee Suicides- Bear crawl to marked lines; crawl to first line do 5 burpees then back to start. Bear crawl to next marked line, do 4 burpees and so on.

Once each group did each level, back to start for more abs


Heel touches- 10 (oyo)

Leg raises- 10 in cadence


Mosey around back of the school to the front of Bexley (ballentrae entrance) over to soccer field.

Dips- 20 (oyo)

across the field

Lunges- 40 the hard way

back to benches

Step ups- 30

across the field

Roaches- 20 the hard way


Mosey around the barkyard(dog park), along the gravel path circle back around after the playground to start aka The Boneyard.

Ending with “Bring Sally Up- Merkins”