Who knows to Shuffle the Deck of Card

by | Dec 29, 2020 | Back Blasts


PAX: Grouper, Dillio, Vanellope, Goose, Boobie, Apnea, Belding, Hitchhiker, Clubber, Anchorman, Dba

Warmer day after week of freeze warning. It has been quite a while YHC had skipped the beatdown to escape the cold and healing back pain. Glad to be back in business.

5:30 am ITG, with quick disclaimer and reciting core principles of F3,

We started the Warm up 15 IC
SSH, Imperial Walker, Frenkestine

Mosey around the dog park, tennis court to the west round about.

1 round of broad jump Burpees around the round about.

Back to the court for Deck of Death:
All pax in Plank picked a card in rotation to
Perform below exercises. Number in card is the number of repetition, Face card = 10 counts

Spade – Big Boys Situps
Club – Squats
Diamond – Merkins
Heart – Burpees

Face card = 10 count
Each King – mosey around the dog park and the tennis court.

Apnea did not want to cut the deck for break.
Goose reshuffled the remaining cards so that all heart cards show up at the end.

Ended up with
American Hammer 20 IC
Dying Cockroach 20 IC

YHC is thankful to be back to the neighborhood.
Prayers for all who are traveling

Looking forward to the Anniversary beatdown on Thursday!!

Have a warm day!!!