F3 Lutz 4 Year Anniversary / Q of the Year

by | Dec 31, 2020 | Back Blasts


An extended 1 hour beatdown on this beautiful 70 degree morning for a special occasion as we celebrate F3 Lutz’s 4 year Anniversary and look forward to the New Year. Also, a lot on the line today as we handed out ‘Q of the year’ to one of 3 candidates nominated by their fellow PAX (@Endo, @Haka, @Grouper). Each of the 3 nominees had a special 15 ‘gimme all you got’ beatdown planned for 3 different groups that would rotate. The Qs had the pleasure of performing their respective beatdowns 3x, once for each group. A vote would then be held to determine ‘Q of the Years.

@No-See-Um and @Belding kicked us off by laying out the ground rules and leading a quick warm up:

Mosey around b-ball courts, dog park and tennis courts.

SSH IC x 10
Frankenstein IC x 10
Squats IC x 10
Merkins OYO x 10

The PAX then split up into the 3 groups which @No-See-Um had counted off prior to warm up, and bear crawled together to their respective starting points (each PAX would also be bear crawling to each station as they rotated).

@Endo’s Beatdown (field of pain):

Team Challenge Blocks, Burpees and Bertha…count off 1s and 2s…Team 1 – 25 alternating block merkins, rifle carry to far end, 10 Manmakers…Team 2 – tire flips alternating each pax until Team 1 finishes…
Stop off at pavillion for balls to wall challenge…1st pax to drop 10 burpees, 2nd pax 8 burpees, 3rd pax 6 burpees, 4th pax 4 burpees, 5th pax 2 burpees, last pax remaining wins no burpees…back to FOP teams switch up and reverse blocks and bertha back to start…first team to finish wins…losers perform 10 burpees…YHC decided we are all winners and so everyone performs 10 burpees together…remaining minutes were used for “Death by Mary”…YHC called out an ab exercise and performed IC…any pax that had to stop or did not maintain proper form before YHC completed the cadence and all pax perform 10 burpee penalty…we had enough time to do 2 sets of penalties each round as YHC still has the abs of steel

@Haka’s Beatdown (1st b-ball court and around tennis court):

2020 has been a challenging year for me personally and I know for many others as well, I’m not the only one. I’ve endured a lot of change and been through some emotional roller coasters with COVID, 2.0 issues, marriage tensions, health issues, trying to make sense of my faith, and the list goes on and on. It’s clear to me that I’ve meandered my way through some life path that is not optimal or where I want to be. I named my workout today the “inconvenient path” to represent this metaphor. This is something that caught my attention at church one day, and as the Pastor was talking about his journey it made me think that as a Christian It’s not how do I avoid this inconvenient path but maybe it’s more of a question…how do I live a more significant life to better navigate these inconvenient seasons? So part of being able to handle these tough, stressful times is to surround yourself with others that can help you navigate your way through. I see my F3 family as exactly that. My friends and confidants.

I’m so excited with what we have achieved in 2020, the explosion of growth and most importantly the enduring relationships I will continue to cherish! Happy Anniversary F3 Lutz!

Haka’s Thang:

PAX were asked to walk to the “Inconvenient path” and face 2020 and give a big F U!

12 Merkins 31 Mountain Climbers x 4
3 Burpee, 3 Jump Squat, 3 Groiner. 20sec rest. Increase reps from 3 – 10. (Only group 1 Made it to 10, they must have been fresh)
1 Merkin 1 Donkey Kick, 2 Merkins, 2 Donkey Kicks…3, 4, 5. Run a lap around the Tennis Courts.
Group 3 Put in some extra Pain with another round of the ladder, but our very own weasel shaker soon put the kibosh on it before YHC could get the lap completed. =)

Done. And no, there was no yelling at anyone. Just loud and boisterous encouragement, with some potty talk mixed in there. 🙂💩

@Grouper’s Beatdown (on 2nd B-Ball Court and around dog park):

YHC appropriately named this 15 min portion of the beatdown ‘Pound Sand 2020’.

All PAX lined up along baseline with rucks / blocks in hand

In the center of the bball court (top of free throw line) slam ball with AYG. Slam ball was slammed on the words ‘Pound Sand 2020’, which were written on the court in chalk. This was to signify us all conquering 2020 and as we move onto 2021. While 2020 was a challenging year for many of us for many different reasons, it was also a rewarding year.

Each PAX did slam for 50 secs individually and while in the center each PAX shared one thing they are proud of in 2020 and one goal or thing they are looking forward to in 2021.

All other PAX completed the exercise YHC called for the same 50 seconds.

We rotated Tabata style (50 sec of work, 10 sec of rest) and completed 3 rounds of the following exercises (all exercises w/ ruck or coupon)

Swings (1 min)
Thrusters (1 min)
Overhead Press (1 min)
Lap with Ruck/Block or both around dog park and back to courts (2 min)

All 3 groups finished right on time; some had time for a few additional burpees while waiting to rotate;)

At the end of the 45 minutes, all groups bear crawled back to b-ball court for COT.

@Vanellope led the PAX for approx 70+ SSH IC, while the PAX cast their vote for the ‘F3 Lutz Q of the Year.’ After @Belding and @No-See-Um tallied the votes, the glorious trophy 🏆 (a shiny metallic paper plate) was handed out to the champ (@Grouper).

Personally, I found it very rewarding to hear everyone sharing accomplishments, praises, struggles and individual goals during my portion of the beatdown. It’s clear we all have a lot to be proud of and even more to look forward to as we turn the page to a new year!!! As @Belding stated, many PAX have contributed to the success of the group this year and have been on Q at some point. Any one of us could have won this, but what we should all be most proud of is the Family (as @No-See-Um referenced as his and our 4th F) that we have continued to build here at F3 Lutz.

Like many, when I moved here 3.5 years ago I found this group and can truly say it’s been life changing and made such an impact not only on me personally but my family as well. It’s nice to have such a great group of guys (and Ms and 2.0s) that support each other when times are tough and also celebrate our successes. It also provides a much needed release and the balance we all need in life. With that being said, cheers 🍻 to 2020 being over and beginning 2021!!

Prayers for @Haka (and @Boobie) as he moves forward with selling his home in LLR and transitioning to Bexley. Prayers for @Sloppy Joe and @Cheesehead as they recover from COVID. Prayers for anyone else who may have something on their mind they are unwilling to share and that every stay safe and healthy this NYE!

Happy 4th Anniversary F3 Lutz!! Look forward to many more as we continue our expansion journey!

16 PAX in attendance:

@Vanilla Ice