Just the Two of Us

by | Jan 11, 2021 | Back Blasts


Q: No-See-Um

Pax:  Apnea, No-See-Um


Well, it was the second Monday workout ever for #TheDistrict and the men of F3Lutz all seemed to be enjoying the warmth of their beds …….. or maybe they just hit the snooze button a few too many times. As the clock struck 5:30 am, YHC had some serious deja vu going on back to the early days at #TheRanch.  However, the one HC wouldn’t let YHC down as Apnea showed up right at his normal time 🙂
*YHC’s challenge to the pax — Let’s get THREE or more pax next Monday/MLK day!!!  🙂
Merkin Mile (Merkins/Werkins/Diamonds)
Staying in the parking lot:
  • Lt Dans (1:4 ration of Squats/Lunges) up to 5/20 then 10 Bobby Hurleys/then mosey about 50 yards and plank up
    • 10 Shoulder Taps
Mosey back and find a line:
  • Hops side to side x20
  • Hops forward x20
  • Curb hops x20
  • Quick Step ups on curb x20
*Rinse & Repeat*
To the field:
BLIMPS & then mosey to other side of fields, then repeato back!
5 burpees
10 lunges
15 imperial walkers
20 merkins
25 plank jacks
30 squats
To the wall:
  • Wall Sits w/ one pax at time sprinting around building and then Monkey Humper’s out front.
    • 1st round – 10 MH’s
    • 2nd – 10 MH’s
    • 3rd – 15 MH’s
    • 4th – 20 MH’s
  • BTTW x40 seconds
  • 1/2 set of Bruce Lee
Mosey to end of parking lot (200+ yards)
  • Box cutters x10
  • Dolly x10
  • Rosalita x10
Mosey back to where “flag” should have been 🙂
  • SSH x20



  • Two pax talked about their 2.0’s and continued prayers for YHC’s oldest 2.0 in particular.  TAP’s for those not with us and all the F3 Lutz pax especially those still battling COVID or just getting over it.




  • Nutrition Challenge is fully underway and be sure to update your points on the google sheet.  Stay tuned to slack for wrinkles in the coming weeks.


  • GORUCK Star CourseSaturday, February 6: At least four pax are signed up already so get to it and there is a discount code so just ask before signing up.


  • Q’s for rest of this week:
    • Chowdah – The Ranch/Tuesday
    • Miley – The District/Wednesday
    • Dillio – The Ranch/Thursday
    • Grouper – The Ranch/Friday (RUCK)
    • Big Papi – Bone Yard/Saturday