The Belding 2 Mile?

by | Apr 27, 2021 | Back Blasts

QIC: Belding
PAX POSTED: Urkel, Saint, Flat Tire, Vanellope, Apnea, Baywatch, Dillio, Hooker, Waterboy, Cheesehead, Hitchhiker, Grouper, Smokey, DBA, Belding
Another great morning at The Ranch, as 15 #HIM slayed the dragon for a sweat fest.  Quick disclaimer and we were off, oh not wait, Apnea was getting out of his car, so…..SSH x10 IC at the courts.
Now were were off on a short mosey to Sunlake roundabout.  Thought I heard someone day “Slow down Belding”, but not sure….
Hillbilly x10 IC
Frankenstein x 10 IC
Merkin x10 IC
Temp squat x 10IC
Now more mosey to Sunlake and turn to head south.
At every other light pole do:
5 burpees
10 merkins
15 squats
20 flutter kicks
When done circle back for the 6.
Everyone got it done.  Head to the hill for 3 rounds of…
5 step ups
10 urkins
15 dips
Forward Lunge to top of hill and reverse.
Slowsy back to Sunlake to head north.
100% (sprint)/25% mosey back toward the Ranch. Stop at crossroad for set of Bruce lee.
Continue with 100%/25% back to LLR.  As the 6 was pulling in, continue mosey OYO back to the courts.
6:18.  A little extra credit today.
Great to have Urkel back out
Prayers for Smoggy and his new 2.0
Prayers for Hitchhiker for his 2.0’s continued progress
GrowRuck work is continuing.