How Long is a Soccer Field?

by | Apr 28, 2021 | Back Blasts

QIC: Hitchhiker
PAX POSTED: Rub & Tug, Chowdah, Venellope, Apnea, Hooker

QIC: Hitchhiker

PAX: Rub & Tug, Chowdah, Vanellope, Apnea, Hooker

Six PAX showed up on a beautiful Wednesday morning for a beatdown. After a quick reminder of the five core principles, we got right to warming up:




Tempo squat

Oblique Crunches (both sides)

Single leg glute bridge (both legs)

After making the PAX run around in some awkward looking circles so YHC could check out the condition of the soccer fields, we did the thing.

The Thing:

If they did not know, each pax learned where the 6, 18, 60 and 120 yard marks were on the soccer field. A reverse pyramid was done on each yard marker, where the PAX sprinted to the mark, performed the exercise and held a plank until the six was in. Once in, the PAX side shuffled right to the side line, backward mosied until the beginning of the fielse and side shuffled left to the starting point.

6 yards: 6 Burpees

18 yards: 18 Kneel-to-Stands

60 yards: 60 Squats

18 yards (far side, 102 yards): 18 Kneel-to-stands

6 yards (far side, 114 yards): 6 Burpees

120 yards: 120 Flutter Kicks

Repeated back down the pyramid, giving each PAX 617 yards of sprints and 617 yards of backward moseys.

At the end of each loop, the PAX rotated leading any exercise they wanted.

With minutes to spare, the PAX mosied back to the starting point and got in a 9 round burpee circle till time.


Prayers to all PAX preparing (or not preparing) for GrowRuck. Prayers to all PAX going through things they cannot share.