NO Digital Coupons in F3

by | May 1, 2021 | Back Blasts

QIC: No-See-Um
PAX POSTED: Belding, Rub-N-Tug, Miley, Cheesehead, Chowdah, Hitchhiker, Deuce, DBA, Haka, Nancy, Big Papi, Anchorman, Bison, No-See-Um


Wow, what a beautiful morning for the men of F3 Nature Coast to continue their training for GrowRuck 18 (FL) and to just continue becoming better physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. YHC was looking forward to this morning because only one or two Q’s left before moving back to Atlanta at the end of the month. 


Pax slowly started rolling in at 7:25 am and there were several whispers about all the coupons starting to pile up in the middle of the field at the shovel flag. It was about to be go time and all pax circled up with Rucks in tow. 7:30 hit and it was time to get started.


YHC welcomed the men to the #BoneYard and F3 Nature Coast. One visitor with us as YHC’s buddy Deuce is in town for the weekend.  All other regulars but somehow YHC forgot the disclaimer….oops!



Warm-Up: (All IC)

SSH, Imp. Walkers, Merkins – Mosey – Mtn Climbers, Salute Planks, Baby Arm Circles



The Thang:


Split pax up in three teams and there would be 2 coupons per team depending on which station they were rucking to and performing the below.


Mini/Modified Dora with rucks x 3 stations.  

  • 25-Blockees (w/ Rucks)
  • 50-Merkins
  • 75-Squats


Buy-In at the start of each station:

  • Dips at soccer field x25
  • Lunges at parking lot
  • Army Crawl at low field


Quick ruck around field with ALL Coupons! TWO by TWO and coupons in front always!!



MARY: (w/ rucks overhead)

Flutters, Dolly, Rosalita, Box cutters, V-Ups


8:30 am and Beatdown complete!


***Quote of the Day:  “Can I get those digital coupons next time No-See-Um” -Nancy



  • DBA’s family back home battling Covid.
  • Miley’s father-in-law and the issues he is battling health-wise.
  • Prayers for Grouper as he had some bad ballpark food or bad Waffle House last night and not feeling great this am.
  • All those pax dealing with injuries or sickness.



  • Great morning to be out with all F3 brothers and honored to lead you all.
  • Big props to Miley as he and YHC conspired during the week to have several coupons at our disposal 🙂
  • Deuce in town visiting YHC and may have had a few too many cocktails last night and quite possibly almost spilled merlot several times.
  • Awesome job today by all men but especially those training for GrowRuck 18 (FL). This is just a taste of what will happen for 12+ hours on Saturday, May 15….but it will be SOOO rewarding when completed!




  • GrowRuck 18 (FL) – Still time to sign up if you haven’t already and need to get a gauge on ALL those who are signed up or who are going to in next week. We have room accommodations and just need to nail down plans.  Also, need to find out who is taking the clown car down for just the Saturday morning beatdown at GrowRuck which is FREE for everyone.


GrowRuck 18 – FL training: 

  • When: Tomorrow, Sunday, 5/2
  • Time: 6:00 am (check Slack for confirmation)
  • Place: The Ranch (LLR BBall courts)


Q’s on tap for next week:

  • Monday @ The District – Hitchhiker
  • Tuesday @ The Ranch – Big Papi
  • Wednesday @ The District – Chowdah
  • Thursday @ The Ranch – Haka (TNT – Haka)