Ghost Writer

by | Jun 3, 2021 | Back Blasts

QIC: haka
PAX POSTED: grouper, belding, cheesehead, flat tire, dba, nancy, big papi, waterboy, chowdah, smokey, hooker, big house, apnea, hitchhiker

What’s better than a Thursday beatdown plus TNT? Nothing, YHC thought. But today we had some extra icing on the cake. @Endo with the ghost writer Q. YHC was looking for some extra pain for the PAX and decided to consult the BOP king himself. Even though the knee surgery isn’t allowing him to be out ITG with us, he is still finding ways to bring the pain train to his F3 Nature Coast brothers!! YHC put it out there last night that we were all in for a treat. The BOP did not disappoint. The nature coast HIM reviewed the F3 Credo and went straight to work.




Peter Parker

Tempo Squat

Happy Jacks

The Thang:


10 Burpees Run 1/4 mile

10 Burpees + 20 Merkins Run 1/4 mile

10 Burpees + 30 Lunges (hard way) Run 1/4 mile

10 Burpees + 40 Big Boy Situps Run 1/4 mile

10 Burpees + 50 Squats Run 1/4 mileĀ  (I believe this is the point where I heard @hooker cursing out @endo)

10 Burpees + 60 Shoulder Taps (hard way) Run 1/4 mile

10 Burpees + 70 Peter Parker (hard way) Run 1/4 mile

10 Burpees + 80 Leg Raises Run 1/4 mile

10 Burpees + 90 Flutterkicks (hard way) Run 1/4 mile

Sure was a smokefest today! Great job to everyone pushing themselves and holding each other accountable.

COT: PAX asking for thoughts and prayers for various situations, pray for the PAX that we continue to see the way

TNT: @big papi opening up the discussion on boundaries and knowing how to have those parenting style conversations carefully with our M’s. And typical @waterboy absolutely blowing our freaking minds with his wisdom nuggets, specifically, being aware of the 3 C’s (Condemn, Criticize, Complain) while having these conversations.


FNG challenge. Step it up! Team 4 out with the lead, many weeks to go.