Monday Might-As-Well-Make-It-An Escalator

by | Jun 21, 2021 | Back Blasts

QIC: Hitchhiker
PAX POSTED: Tebow & Apnea

YHC was a little worried he’d be out ITG by his lonesome, but with a minute to spare, Tebow came rolling in. YHC should also have never doubted Apnea who showed up right on Apnea time.

The warm up:

A 10 count, in cadence, was performed by the group:

  • Windmill
  • Tappity-tap-tap
  • Seal clap
  • Above head seal clap
  • Side lunge

After that, we mosey’d out to the street corner for the main event.

 The Thang:

YHC came across a board in the grass with the following exercises:

  1. Box Cutters
  2. Frog Pump
  3. Merkin
  4. Kneel-to-Stand
  5. Ski Lunge

For the BD, the PAX lined up, a mosey to the first light pole and back, and did the first exercise. Followed by a mosey to the second light and back, and did the first two exercises. This repeated for five rounds getting us to the fifth light pole and doing all five exercises.

20 reps were done for each exercise, and for extra fun, two burpees were completed every time a PAX crossed a light pole.

The PAX crushed all five rounds with plenty of time to spare. YHC, with way too much time left, decided an escalator was in order. The PAX did the same exercises from round 5 to 1. Reps were moved down to 10 and the burpees dropped for time.

The escalator was completed with minutes to spare, so after getting back to the starting point, step-ups and irkins were performed. We started with one rep of each and added a rep per round till time was called.


  • Prayers for all fathers being reminded of their responsibilities on Father’s Day and every single day.
  • Prayers for the PAX who were unable to attend and those going through obstacles in life


A very special thank you to Apnea for driving YHC home. Deeply engaged in conversation, YHC locked his keys in the trunk! Luckily, he learned his insurance had roadside assistance 🙂