Apnea Standard Time

by | Jun 28, 2021 | Back Blasts

QIC: Apnea
PAX POSTED: Chowdah, Grouper, Hitchhiker

QIC: Apnea

PAX in attendance: Apnea, Chowdah, Grouper, Hitchhiker

YHC decided to take on the Q today since the flag was already in his trunk and the spot was still open this weekend. YHC thought he could make it on time finally to the district (having the Q and all) but arrived exactly on Apnea Standard Time (635 once the flag was planted). The other three PAX had YHC’s back and handled the beginning warm-up.



Frankensteins X 15 IC

Baby Arm Circles Forward X 10 IC

Baby Arm Circles Reverse X 10 IC

Mountain Climbers X 10 IC

Merkins X 10 IC

5 Burpees OYO

The Thang

Mosey to Lake Blanche Dr

Red Barchetta

All PAX started at the corner of Lake Blanche Dr and then performed the following:

Moseyed to the fifth light post, performed 100 SSHs, mosey back to the start and did SSH until the six was in.

Moseyed to the fourth light post, performed 75 mountain climbers, moseyed back to the start and did mountain climbers until the six was in.

Moseyed to the third light post, performed 50 LBCs, moseyed back to the start and did LBCs until the six was in.

Moseyed to the second light post, performed 25 Merkins, moseyed back to the start and did merkins until the six was in.

Moseyed to the first light post, did 10 burpees, moseyed back to the start, and did burpees until the six was in.

1 set of Bruce Leeroys (Set of Bruce Lees except 50 reps each instead of 20)

Moseyed back to the concession stand for NUTTSMASHER (or BACK SCRAPER):

3 Rounds of 10 Burpees – 20 Squats – 30 Big Boy Situps

Two laps around the concession stand with bear crawls along first short side, crab walk across the other short side, mosey along the longer sides.

To end the beatdown, we did the following:

Box Cutters X 16 IC

Sweat Angels X 15 IC

Rosalitas X 15 IC



Prayers for those who couldn’t make it, those DR or dealing with injuries

Prayers for the families of those affected by the tragic condo collapse and those still missing.