Return of the DoD

by | Jul 21, 2021 | Back Blasts

QIC: Hitchhiker
PAX POSTED: Smoggy, Hooker, Apnea

Another beautiful Wednesday at the The District for the PAX who came out to get their beat down in. YHC, feeling a little less creative than normal, blew the dust off the tried and true deck of death for the morning. Before we got into that, we did a quick warmup.

The Warmup

  • SSH
  • Tappity-tap-tap
  • Windmills

The DoD

As normal, 2 – King (13) represented the rep counts. Aces we ran half way all the way around the soccer complex as turns out there is a locked gate on all sides(Hooker was right on this one!). Two jokers were also in the deck. The PAX who drew them got to name the exercise for a 20 count. Anyways, today’s DoD featured:

  • Spades: Bulgarian split squats (done the hard way)
  • Clubs: Elevated pickle pointers
  • Diamonds: Irkins
  • Hearts: Oblique crunches (done the hard way)

Hooker got the first joker (hand release merkins) and Apnea the second (regular ol’ merkins). The PAX were 9 cards short of finishing the deck, but we got all four aces in!


YHC is a broken record, but can’t say this enough!

Saturday 7/24: Beatdown moved to The District (Starkey). Normal start time. EH event afterwards!

Saturday 7/31: Beatdown at The Boneyard (Bexley). 6:00 AM start time. Sasquatch.


Prayers for Endo as he continues with knee issues. Prayers for all PAX traveling to, currently on, or coming back from vacation. Prayers to all PAX unable to share any issues in their lives.