Burp-N-Merkin Miles

by | Sep 29, 2021 | Back Blasts

QIC: Chowdah
PAX POSTED: CZ, Apnea, Hitchhiker, Focker, Grouper, Hooker, Miley, Chowdah

Feeling adventurous YHC thought he had come up with a new exercise to try out with the PAX, only to find out before posting the BB that the name had already been taken.  Outside of that, this brisk September morning brought 8 PAX to the District to sweat out any alcohol left from previously enjoyed weekend.

The Warm-up:

  • 15 SSH (IC)
  • 10 Frankenstien (IC)
  • 15 Mountain Climbers (IC)
  • 10 Baby arm circles (IC- forward and backwards)
  • 10 Tappidy tap taps

The Thang:

  • 3 Macarena Merkin (YHC’s creation)
    • In plank; do salutes on both sides followed by a merkin then do shoulder taps followed by a merkin, then bring opposite knee to elbow (both sides) and do a merkin. Lastly get up rotate 90 degrees and repeat.
    • 1 Macarena merkin involves complete rotation. (so 4 of the above)
    • Ideally the song should be playing and you’d do this until end of song but YHC decided with the rest of the BD we’d save the song for a later time.
  • Wall sit until the 6 is finished with the macarena merkins

Mosey to the first round about

  • Bruce Lee’s but with a lap around the roundabout between each exercise

Mosey to the next roundabout but continue on Long Spur towards dead end. Utilize light posts and park lot for Burp-N-Merkin

  • At each light post a PAX will complete 1 Burpee + 1 Merkin continuing to add 1 merkin up until 10.
  • Due to a shortage of light posts; by the time we got to parking lot. Similar of adding 1 merkin but doing lap around parking lot.
  • Quick 10 count before mosey back to round about
  • New set of Burp-N-Merkin but descending
    • Starting 1 burpee + 10 merkins; removing 1 merkin per light post traveling towards Miley’s favorite route near intersection of  Rangeland blvd and Monroe Meadows
  • With roughly 4 minutes left; mosey back to the starting point with a medium distance sprint within the parking lot.


  • Gratitude and appreciate for the group and PAX able to make it out
  • Prayers for Vanellope, Endo, Belding, Big House, any and all others dealing with health/physical issues
  • Prayer overall for those to take responsibility, become pillars in their community and better people overall