let there be light

by | Nov 9, 2021 | Back Blasts

QIC: haka
PAX POSTED: bighouse, tricycle, seltzer, urkel, cheesehead, hooker

Beautiful chilly morning in the gloom at the boneyard! 7 HIM decided to slay the dragon and come out for a real beatdown. Who knows what those silly ranchers were doing. I swear @cheesehead is always in a good mood. How the hell does he do that?!


I will not try to remember what I called out for warm up exercises.

The Thang:

21’s between the trees:

21 jump squats, bear crawl to other side, 20 rowers, walking lunge back…continue sequence down to 1. It was about the 3rd round where YHC was regretting the extra layers.

After the extended warm up we moseyed to the end of terrazo way by the dog park. PAX were instructed to perform 1 burpee, 1 bonnie blair, 1 merkin at each light post. We went up by 1 rep at each light, and went 10 poles. YHC originally planned to do only the light on one side of the street but the PAX were excited about light so we did both sides of the street!

Once complete we had 4 minutes left. PAX circled up around the slam ball. All PAX were instructed to SSH or High Knees while 1 by 1 each PAX would go to the center to perform 5 med ball slams and then back to SSH or high knees. We managed to get 2 rounds.


Great job men. Excited to continue to grow the boneyard!


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