Diamond In The Rough

by | Nov 16, 2021 | Back Blasts

QIC: Seltzer
PAX POSTED: Haka, Chowdah, Hooker, Seltzer

Chilly morning with a nice gloom over the Boneyard to start the BD.  Prompt start at 5:30 a.m. with warmups:

  • SSH x 15
  • Sprinklers x 10
  • Tie Fighters x 10, each side
  • To make sure all PAX were sufficiently warmed up, a Thunderstruck with burpees commenced.

The chilly weather was quickly forgotten and extra layers soon regretted…

MOSEY – On to a somewhat brief mosey to the soccer field via a long way around a couple of blocks.  Intermittently during the mosey PAX were instructed to halt for 10 ‘muricans (4 instances).

7 OF DIAMONDS – Upon reaching the foggy field, cones began to appear into view.  A “baseball diamond” had been created though some disputed the distance accuracy between bases.  To assist with motivation during this difficult routine about to commence, a solid dose of Classic Rock Workout music was played (thank you Sirius XM).

  • Round 1: 7 Burpees at home plate with Sprint to each base (28 total reps), after finishing reps at 3rd base for all rounds its a Sprint to the nearby park to “slide into home”.  PAX that finish first return to home base and SSH or plank for the six.  All rounds start together as a group.
  • Round 2: 14 Squats with Bearcrawl to each base (56 total reps), “repeat ending noted above”
  • Round 3: 21 Muricans with Lunge to each base (84 total reps), “”
  • Round 4: 28 Freddie Mercuries (112 total reps, easy), “”
  • Round 5: 21 Shoulder Taps with Carioca to each base (84 total reps), “”
  • Round 6: 14 Bonnie Blairs (56 total reps), backward mosey “”
  • Round 7: 7 Muricans with Sprint, “”

After a brief recovery it was off to a Mosey back to the Boneyard, music continues…

At the Boneyard, PAX were then challenged to perform a Super 21 routine; 1 murican, WWI roll to 1 LBS; 2/2, 3/3, etc until you reach 21/21.

COT; Prayers for a speedy recovery for Vanellope and continued health for our F3 brothers/families.  Thankful to be part of a group of men that encourages everyone to be better leaders and examples for others.