Beat Down in The Cold… FL Cold

by | Jan 18, 2022 | Back Blasts

QIC: Dillio
PAX POSTED: Pete, Smokey, DBA, Belding, Rub n Tug, Water Boy, Kricket, Venelope, One Pax... Its been a long day

5:30 AM


F core principals

Free, open, outside, rotating not a pro, cot


15 side straddle hop


Tap tap tap a roo

Bring blocks to the field of pain

20 curls

10 blockies

Rifle carry to sidewalk

Replete curls and blockies

Set down blocks

Mosey to roundabout

20 big boy sit-ups

20 merkins

Plank till 6 in

Duck walk around the circle

Do a jump squat at every line

Crab walk around circle 2 x crab cake at each line hard way

Mosey to playground pavilion

20 step up the hard way

Climb over rock

20 dirkins

Climb over rock

20 dips

Climb over rock

All gore / plank around flag pole

Wait on 6

5 howling monkeys in circle

1-2 rounds

Partner up back to your block.

One exercise and other run and progressive  more hand release burpees start with 1 then 2


100 block jump

200 overhead press

100 triceps extensions

All gore / plank wait on 6

Rifle carry back to courts


Count off