Intervals of Glory

by | Feb 5, 2022 | Back Blasts

QIC: Smoggy
PAX POSTED: Floppy, Grouper, Hooker, Hitchhiker, C.Z, Chowdah, Dillio

The rain held off and the temperature was great. 8 PAX set out in the gloom to complete the first regular F3 Nature Coast 6am Saturday BD.

6am arrived, YHC read off the 5 principles and gave a quick disclaimer and it was time to begin.


Pax went for a nice mosey to loosen up the lungs and the legs, ran around the Bexley playground and back.

  • 5 burpees to get that heart rate up.
  • In cadence, 10 of the following:
    • SSH
    • Arm circles forward and then backward
    • Tappy Taps
    • Wind Mill


The Thang:

  • YHC notified the PAX we would be participating in Intervals of Glory. PAX counted “1,2,1,2…” to create two groups. A line of cones separated the 2 groups. PAX to complete 6 minute rounds. Each round consisted of 6 x 1 minute intervals. Each minute consisted of 45 seconds of work with 15 seconds to rest/transition to the other exercise. In between each 6 minute round PAX did some type of cardio to a cone about 50 yards away and back before starting the next 6 minute round.
    • We had a bluetooth speaker for some motivational tunes and for our interval timer. Group 1 would do the first exercise for the first 45 seconds while Group 2 did the second exercise, then the groups would switch sides and do the other exercise for minute 2. The groups would then switch back for minute 3, etc. So each PAX ended up doing 3 intervals of each exercise for each round.
    • 1: Burpees // BBS
      • Mosey two laps
    • 2: Carolina Dry Docks // Squats
      • Broad jump to cone and back
    • 3: Curls with blocks // LBCs
      • Bear crawl or duck walk to cone and back
    • 4: Block swings // prisoner lunge
      • Mosey, pistol carry with block
    • 5: Shoulder press with block // merkin
      • Reverse bear crawl to cone and back
    • 6: Reverse burpees // star jumps 
    • 7: Change format for last round… 6 minute interval, each minute 45 seconds working, 15 seconds rest, with 6 Bruce Lee exercises
      • American Hammer
      • Leg Raises
      • LBCs
      • Dying cockroach
      • Freddy Mercury
      • Flutter kicks
  • Finish at 7am!


  • Prayers for 
    • PAX out at the ruck event today
    • PAX who could not attend for various reasons
    • Seltzer’s friend Drew’s family


  • Check Seltzer’s post on Slack for info on how to provide support to Drew’s family
  • Hitchhiker rucking tomorrow (Sunday, Feb 6), he will post on Slack