Tree Carousel

by | May 4, 2022 | Back Blasts

QIC: Seltzer
PAX POSTED: Hooker, Focker, Hitchhiker, CZ, Cheesehead, Cricket, Belding, Apnea

Strong turn-out for a hump-day beat down in the District with 9 motivated PAX. We started promptly at 5:30 a.m. with a Mosey over to the parking lot.

Mosey from one side to the other, and back
High-knees half way, and back
Six Kicks half way, and back
Carioca half way in one direction, alternate to other side the second half
Sprint from one side to the other, and back
Mosey to Tennis Courts for continued warm-up in a circle…
SSH x 15 IC
Windmills x 15 IC
Frankenstein x 15 IC
Burpees x 5 OYO
Recover for a Mosey over to the north side of the district

Start things off with a Indian Run from the pavilion that will go all the way around the District fields. The six must perform 1 burpee before they can sprint ahead to the front. A fellowship pace was provided.
Back to the start of the run, there is a large circular park surrounded by trees on the perimeter (approx. 12 trees in total). PAX were to find a starting tree of their own to start a Tree Carousel routine.

Round 1 – At each tree perform Merkins, Squats and LBC all x 5 each. Then, lunge walk to the next tree and continue until you return back to your starting tree.

Round 2 – Burpees, Squat Jumps, MC (h) all x 3 at each tree with a mosey as method of travel for a quicker paced round.

After Round 2 we rallied together for another Indian Run, this time shorter (half the distance), with the same burpee requirement for the six. We returned back to the starting point pavilion.

With a little time left to burn, PAX performed a Much Chesto routine. However, in between each exercise 5 Step-Ups (h) were performed to break up the Mucho Chesto.

Strong Mosey back to the flag to hit 6:15 a.m. on the nose.

COT – Prayers for our families and fellow F3 brothers that are going through struggles.