What to do with 30 minutes of prep

by | Oct 12, 2022 | Back Blasts

QIC: Hooker
PAX POSTED: Apnea, Hitchhiker, Rub N Tug, Splinter, Cheeshead, Noodle, Lunch Break

It was a balmy 79 degrees in the Gloom this am. As I pulled in at 5am without a clue on the Q pain and inspiration blended together. With a few minutes remaining and with all but 1 PAX, don’t worry he texts to let the Q know that hes running behind and just give him the general direction and with a quick disclaimer we went into the 5 core principles and off we started.

Warm up
Abe Vigoda, pausing each leg windmill 10 IC
Michael Phelps 10 iC
Merkin 10 ic
Frankenstein 10 ic
Hillbillies 10 ic
The Thang
4 laps around the fields
Run towards stop sign stop 1/2 way at field entrance sidewalk
25 monkey humpers
Run to corner 5 burpees
Run to corner
10 Bonnie Blair’s HC
Run to sidewalk
25 monkey humpers
Run to corner
15 WWI sit-ups
Run to start 20 step ups HC
After 4 laps wall sit on the six with 3 minutes remaining we had time for a silent 21 and with some luck we nailed it on the 1st one. Well nailed it is relative but with only 5 seconds till 6:15 it was good enough! 2.2 mile run and 520 reps completed
90 party this Saturday night at Seltzers check slack for address
23rd Adopt a Highway bring your M’s and 2.0 as long as they are responsible enough not to run out and play in traffic on an extremely busy road.
Prayers for PAX unable to come out due to mental or Physical issues. Prayers to Splinter as he prepares to do Everest base camp adventure in November. He also has a fun run December 10th free to all.