Big 4-0

by | Oct 15, 2022 | Back Blasts

QIC: Seltzer
PAX POSTED: dba, Haka, Hitchhiker, Ikea

YHC decided to Q the early bird Saturday beat down the day before turning the big 4-0. Five PAX arrived ready to join in the final beat down as 39. Right before 5:30 YHC felt an intense rumble in the stomach region…

SSH x 40 IC
*YHC had to respond to the noted intense rumble in the stomach region noted above by darting back to home due to nature calling* Thank you to the fellow PAX for helping to keep the warm-ups going…
Upon return after a brief trip, PAX were already warmed up and ready to go-

Up-Downs – On Q’s “Hit” call all PAX drop to the ground and perform MCs x 4 (hard way). Q call out 10 “hits”, total of 40 MC (hard)

Mosey over to the Soccer Field….

There are cones spread out on the field with the farthest 40 yards apart with a middle cone at 20 yards. PAX instructed to perform the following –
At first cone perform Burpees x 10
Sprint the full 40 yards to the other cone
Merkins (hand release) x 10
Flutter kicks x 10 (hard)
Peter Parkers x 10 (hard)
Freddie Mercury x 10 (hard)
bear crawl to the middle cones (20 yards)
Squats x 40
Mosey to the blinking cones at the steps
Step-ups x 40 (easy)
Mosey back to starting cones

Once we finished the 4 rounds there was a mosey back to the flag where presents were left for the group (26 lb sand kettle bags x 2 and 20 lb Medicine ball x 1) – PAX lined up for a modified coupon Indian Run..
The “6” performed 4 thruster/slams while the lead runner farmer carried the 2 x 26 lb bags. Once the “6” completed the thruster/slams sprint to the new “6” to hand off the ball and then sprint to the front of the line to farmer carry. PAX extended this run towards Lotus Park

Lotus Park – there are 4 corners of wall around a small courtyard. PAX picked a corner to perform Dips x 10, Urkins x 10, Derkins x 10, then lunge walk to the next corner clockwise, repeat, until all 4 corners completed (40 dips, urkins and derkins)

Return trip back to the flag was another modified Indian Run, this time the “6” performed 1 thruster slam and 1 burpee, all else the same as noted above.

CoT: Grateful for the opportunity to be part of this group to help each other become impactful men to our families and community.  Prayers for PAX DR or injured.