Brady got ‘Back’?

by | Oct 17, 2022 | Back Blasts

QIC: Grouper
PAX POSTED: Endo, Hooker, Smoggy, Waterboy, Ladron, Apnea, Lunch Break, Grouper

QIC: Grouper

PAX: Endo, Hooker, Smoggy, Waterboy, Ladron, Apnea, Lunch Break, Grouper

Nice cool morning as 8 PAX came prepared to get this Monday started off right!

Mosey to end of parking lot (to kill time for @Apnea)

SSH IC x 20
Frankenstein IC x 15
Baby Arm Circles IC x 10 (+reverse)
Plank Jack IC x 15
Shoulder Tap IC x 15
Merkin IC x 10

Mosey back to start point and to opposite corner of fields

One exercise at each light post heading toward dead end, alternating the following (15ish light posts)

10 merkins
15 monkey humpers

Pick up 6 when finished

Indian Run back towars starting point

Bruce Lee half way:
20 Flutters
20 Leg Raises
20 American Hammers
20 Dying Cockroaches
20 Freddie Mercuries
20 LBCs

Continue Indian Run

DORA at parking lot
100 burpees
200 squats
300 flutter kicks

Prayers for all PAX who couldn’t make it out and for those that may have something on their mind they are unwilling to share.

Prayers for a speedy recovery for our buddy @Endo, who had to retire early from the beatdown because of a back issue. Either that or he’s still getting over the tough Bucs loss from yesterday…former retiree, the GOAT, #12, Tom Brady better pick it up or I’m going to have to drop him off of my fantasy team.

P.S. We had another semi- HC that will not be named here that did not show up!??!