by | Oct 18, 2022 | Back Blasts

QIC: Apnea
PAX POSTED: Belding, DBA, Dillio, Grouper, Hard Hat (FNG), Petey, Vanellope, Waterboy

QIC: Apnea

PAX: Belding, DBA, Dillio, Grouper, Hard Hat, Petey, Vanellope, Waterboy

As YHC was getting ready to leave the house, the skies opened up (or at least that’s the way it sounded in the garage). Thankfully it was short lived but based on core principle #3, the beatdown would happen regardless of rain.

8 PAX arrived ready to go including one FNG so full disclaimer was given along with five core principles.

Mosey around the dog park/tennis court to the dead end roundabout for:


Frankensteins X 10 IC

Without putting our arms down we did the following four exercises

Baby Arm Circles Forward X 10 IC

Baby Arm Circles Reverse X 10 IC

Overhead Claps X 10 IC

Seal Claps X 10 IC

All PAX in a single file line for an Indian Run to the trail gate by the Reserve

Through the gate and onto the boardwalk for what was supposed to be two sets of 10 step ups (HW), 10 Irkins, and 10 Dips. In spite of the rain, the ants were ready and attacked as soon as we stepped down by going after Waterboy. YHC called an immediate audible for everyone to head back to the sidewalk. A PAX almost jumped out of his own skin when we encountered a snake on the side of the road but it was dead.

10 Squats IC

Back in single file line for an Indian run east on Breynia Dr, left onto Leaf Flower Ln, Right onto Rosemoor Ave and left on Cherry Walk Rd to the cul-de-sac. Quick set of mucho chesto in the center.

YHC offered a 10 count but all PAX were ready to go so Indian run along Cherry Walk Rd then left on Breynia Dr and into the Reserve Amenity Center Parking lot for DORA 1-2-3-4

All PAX paired up (one group of three) to do 100 merkins, 150 LBCs, 200 Squats, and 250 Flutter Kicks (HW). While one PAX did the exercises, the other ran out of the parking lot, all the way around the sidewalk and back into the parking lot. Flip flop until all exercise reps were complete. YHC called an audible on the flutter kicks and switched it to the easy way.

With 12 minutes left, back out to the street for a mini-escalator.

5 burpees at the first light pole on the right

10 merkins at the second light pole on the right

20 squats at the third light pole on the right

Back in a single file line for an Indian run back to the courts which broke out into an AYG once we got to the dead end roundabout. DBA sprinted after Vanellope who took an early lead.

With the extra effort to get back, we still had a minute left so it was circle burpee time.

Great job by all PAX and welcome to FNG – Hard Hat.


Prayers for all PAX recovering from injuries, DR, or unable to beat the fart sack this morning.