by | Nov 9, 2022 | Back Blasts

QIC: Noodle
PAX POSTED: Hooker, Rub N Tug, WATERBOY, Hitchhiker, Noodle, Lunch Break, Apnea

A beautiful morning at The Boneyard with PAX in attendance and ready to face the Gloom.

The Warm Up


Tap, Tap, Tap IC x10

Baby Arm Circles (forward and back) IC x10

Mosey to the tennis courts.

The Thing

Bear Crawl Ring of Fire: PAX made a circle and bear crawled in that circle.  When Q yelled stop, the PAX closest to the corn began the exercise and counted off 10 reps while the other PAX held a plank. Exercises were Mucho Chesto with each individual exercise given it’s own turn. After PAX reached a 10 count the next PAX started while all held the plank. Rinse Repeat.

Lunge Ring of Fire: Same concept as before only PAX lunched around circle and did Bruce Lee when Q yelled stop.

Tag: Mucho Lego around the tennis courts (narrow squats at one corner, normal squats at the next, wide squats at the following and Bonnie Blare at the last one. Repeat. If a PAX was lapped or tagged they immediately stopped and did 4 burpees. Needless to say Hitchhiker was handing out burpees like old Halloween candy.

Mosey back to the tables. PAX took turns calling out an exercise and counting off 10 reps. We learned that Rub N Tug loves hand release merkins and Lunch Break now knows how to count in cadence.

Bowling on the 19th
Christmas part on the 3rd
Payers for Hookers son receiving his driver’s permit, all injured Pax, and for safety during the storm.