Year of the Rabbit

by | Jan 24, 2023 | Back Blasts

QIC: Smoggy
PAX POSTED: Grouper, DBA, Petey, Waterboy, Hitchhiker, Dillio, Belding, Apnea, Lohan

10 PAX out for a chilly morning to celebrate the lunar new year. The year of the rabbit started Sunday, so we had to celebrate appropriately.



  • Mosey around dog park and tennis courts then back to basketball court
  • 5 burpees
  • In cadence 10 of the following:
    • SSH
    • Arm Circles
    • Tappy taps
    • Wind mill
    • Monkey humpers
  • Quick sip, then into a mini-Dora:
    • One PAX carried the block around the tennis courts and basketball while the other PAX exercised. Each pair had to complete the following (cumulative):
      • 50 merkins
      • 75 jumping lunges (split jacks) the hard way
      • 100 Leg Raises


The Thang:

  • PAX then headed over to the field of pain to get down to business.
  • Setup: 6 rows of cones, each row spaced about 7-10 yards.
  • Before each round, PAX had to complete the following:
    • 1 – Burpee, 6 – Merkin, 8 – LBC… 168 is a luck number
  • 1) Murder bunny to cone 6, 20 Thursters, murder bunny back
  • 2) Murder bunny to cone 5, 20 blocks, murder bunny back
  • 3) Murder bunny to cone 4, 20 Jump overs, murder bunny back
  • Cones 3, 2, and 1 the same, with exercise Curl at cone 3, Swings at cone 2, and Squats at cone 1
  • After a strong showing, PAX headed back to court to finish up:
    • 2 circle burpee rounds
    • Set of 20 freddy mercury the hard way
    • A round of 21, we almost finished in unison the first time which would have resulted in 3 burpees, but we were slightly off so we did 6 burpees.
    • 20 BBS



  • Prayer for DBA healing, and thanks given that he was not injured more significantly when his ladder broke
  • Prayer for Waterboy’s friend in the midwest who is battling a rare form of cancer
  • Prayer for all PAX out there that they stay safe, healthy, and have a positive impact on their respective communities