Gyro Burpees

by | Mar 18, 2023 | Back Blasts

QIC: Hitchhiker

Coming off of three days full of a nice vacation featuring a great time with YHC parents, M and 2.0’s YHC was looking forward to getting back into it. On the last day the vacation had some wonderful cash only on street gyros, JJ Granby pie and more than a couple PBRs, YHC was not nearly as excited to get back into it. That said, with no Q, sometimes it’s just best to do what you don’t want to do so the following was brain stormed.


Mosey the perimeter of the park. The rest 10 IC:

  • 1.25 squats
  • Alternating leg crunches
  • Boat reaches
  • Plank leg tap outs
  • Frankensteins

Mosey to Tower Road.

The Thang:

Fun facts, there are exactly 20 light poles from Ballantrae to the West roundabout. It is also about 3/4 a mile.

Down 1: Mosey to roundabout with one burpee and one squat at every light pole

Back 1: Mosey back to start with two burpees, two squats and two merkins at every light pole

Down 2: Mosey to roundabout with three burpees, three squats, three merkins and one groiner with two hop backs at every light pole

Back 2: Alternate walks and sprints back to start between poles. This was so much fun we continue pattern back to flag.

At flag a Bruce Lee+: Normal Bruce Lee + 20 ankle taps + 20 WW1 sit ups.

7:00! Simple but exhausting.


AAH: 3/25 after 7:30 Beatdown

4x4x48: Starts 3/31 5:00 PM

26.3 Ruck: 4/30


Prayers for all PAX actually traveling back from Spring Break. Prayers to all PAX pretending to be on Spring Break. We hope to see both groups return to the gloom this week!