Journey Around The Ranch

by | Aug 16, 2023 | Back Blasts

QIC: Urkel
PAX POSTED: Cricket, Cheesehead, Belding, Smoggy, Hitchhiker, Waterboy, DBA, Endo, Grouper, Apnea

Urkel decided it was time to get back ITG and decided to sign up on the Q Sheet as “Mystery Q” to keep PAX guessing until the beatdown. Many were expecting a No-See-Um appearance, but to their disappointment, all they got was a “Did I Do That”?

Quick disclaimers and we were off to begin our journey around The Ranch!

Mosey to 1st traffic circle:
1. 10 Side straddle hops
2. 10 Windmills
3. 10 Baby arm circles then reverse
4. 10 Imperial walkers
5. 10 Mountain Climbers

Mosey to 2nd traffic circle:
1. 5 Alligator Merkins, 5 Lunges full circle
2. Bearpees (4 bear crawls + 1 burpee) full circle
Al Gore until 6 is in

Mosey to docks:
1. 10 step ups hard way
2. 20 durkins
3. 30 tricep dips
Repeat x 3
LBCs until 6 is in

Mosey to FOP (gazebo end) and partner up:
1. One partner moseys to end of field, 5 burpees, then mosey back while other runs to playground for 5 pull ups, then mosey back.
SSH until partner is back then switch
Repeat x 3

Head over to Gazebo:
1. 20 Irkins
2. 20 tempo squats
3. Wall sit to PAX 10 count
4. Balls to wall to PAX 5 count

Mosey Back to Basketball Court:
1. Bruce Lee until 6.15

Few 3rd F Announcements from Endo
Prayers for returning students to have a safe and successful school year!
Urkel mentioned his appreciation for all PAX who continued to push him to get back ITG and not giving up!

Thanks Gents!