Weekend Beatdown with 2.0’s in Tow

by | Jun 10, 2017 | Back Blasts

QIC: no-see-um
PAX POSTED: no-see-um, no-ski, bartman, spongebob, fresh prince, seabass

What a gorgeous morning here at #TheRanch for the first 2.0 workout @F3Lutz! The 2.0’s were ready and we had 15 total PAX come out and that included NINE 2.0’s…….outnumbering the Dads so we knew we were in trouble.


We planted the flag on the Field of Pain knowing we would need the extra room!

Welcome and quick Disclaimer for the 2.0’s.

-Overhead Claps (IC)
-Lunges x10 (OYO)

Mosey around the big rocks on playground and back to the flag.

-Air Presses (IC)
-Merkins x10 (OYO)
-Mtn. Climbers (IC)

*2.0 Carry:
-With cones approx.. 30 yards apart, all Pax performed 1 Burpee at start……….then 2.0 Carry to cone and all did 2 Burpees. All Bear Crawled back and did 3 Burpees!
*Rinse & Repeat*

-10 Count & water break-

Now we 2.0 Carried all the way around the FoP for one lap.

On to the playground for 6 Pain Stations. Each Pax and his 2.0’s started at a station and we rotated once relieved……….The Hill station was the starting point.

1. The Hill – 5 Squats/10 Lunges and then sprint to top of Hill.
2. Wall Sits on pavilion wall.
3. Picnic Bench – 10 Irkins/10 Dips….as many times as you could!
4. Monkey Bars – Each Pax/2.0 does 5 Pull Ups and then Air Square.
5. Rock Wall – 2.0 climbs rock wall repeatedly while Dad does Burpees!
6. Stairs – from ground all the way to main level and back down….over and over!

Mosey back to flag for quick water break.

Fun time now as we played a little F3 Dodgeball.
-All 2.0’s in center of circle and Dad’s tried pegging each one with soft footballs. Once hit the 2.0 had to jog one lap while that Dad did 5 Merkins……….three rounds of this and kids were having a ball!!!

-Then we did two rounds of Dads in the middle……2.0s wanted to keep going but Dads were spent!

Time for cool-downs.

Dying cockroaches,
American Hammers,
On feet for Windmills,
Cotton Pickers,
Baby Arm Circles,
Air Presses,
Overhead Claps

Countorama & Nameorama!

-The 2.0s liked this part as we gave them nicknames as well……
Ben – Hundy
Grayson – Do Work
Isabella – Sashay
Izabel – WonderBell
Kenzie – Nailtastic
Andrew – Weapon X
Brady – Bean Town
Zoey – DC
Zachary – Smash

2.0’s did an amazing job keeping up with the PAX, and we are very proud of them for sticking through it all. Good job all!

-YHC thanked the Pax for the great participation and how great it is for everyone to come together bright and early on a Saturday morning for some beatdown fun!

-Wished everyone a great weekend and safe summer.

-Now on to the pool for a cool dip and hot coffee and doughnut holes. First Coffeeterria for this group and it was a great success. We will definitely do from now on………..maybe or maybe not minus the pool part :blush: