Cookie Contest aka The Highlander Games at the Weekend Edition of Beatdown

by | Jun 24, 2017 | Back Blasts

QIC: spongebob
PAX POSTED: spongebob, seabass, fresh prince, no-ski, dba, bartman, red-reaper, frisbee, dillio

Beautiful morning at #TheRanch today. Perfect conditions for the downpainment. 9 PAX posted, 2 FNG’s. Welcome to the PAX Frisbee and Dillio. We had Pasco finest (police SUV) as a guest PAX today posted in the parking lot for most of the beatdown. We don’t know why he was there, but we all behaved well :).

Few more photos from the beatdown are in our Gallery Section.

Spongebob on Q making sure the PAX gets their pain medication in a large dose today.

The Thang:

At BB courts got the disclaimer in and then it’s time for warm ups.

  • Cotton pickers | IC x10
  • High knees. | IC x10
  • Burpees | OYO x10 (in honor of our missing Founder appropriately named @no-see-um)
  • Side Straddle Hop | IC x10
  • Imperial Walkers | IC x10

Mosey to the stairs in the Field of Pain.

At stairs partner up. First does Irkins, second does Derkins then flapjack. Rest of PAX keeps busy doing exercise called by one of them till the sprinters make it back.

  • Irkins | OYO 10
  • Derkins | OYO 10
  • Bear crawl up stairs (no-ski on extra credit had to do this backwards)
  • Sprint around to next gate then sprint back to the PAX
  • Between the Irkins/Derkins PAX do: Star Jacks, Lunges, One Leg Squats, Freddie Mercury’s, Planks

Rinse repeat x2 rounds.

Move over to the dock. Time for:

  • HailMarys (Slightly modified. Two PAX planking, third PAX doing dips w feet on bench and hands on the 2 PAX. OYO 10. Switch so that all three PAX do 10 each. 3 rounds of this.)

Mosey to the water fountain, but not to drink water. Rather it’s time for…

  • Balls to wall for 10 seconds
  • People’s chairs after, count to 1

3 rounds

Move to the next station in the park/playground.

  • Station 1: Pull ups, with assist. As many as you can.
  • Station 2: Swerkins on the swing. (Merkin position, legs on swing. Merkin up, then bring you legs in. OYO 10.)

Swap stations when done.

Slowsey to the parking lot. Time for some Ford truck pushing aka Broke Down. 4 PAX at a time push the pickup truck down the parking lot, 1 PAX in driver seat steering and applying some break power. Rest of PAX Imperial Walkers behind the truck. Swap out after a minute or so until everyone gets a turn.

Next up we found ourselves at a construction site. YHC had some cinder blocks in the truck. Time for some Highlander Games aka Cookie Contest.

Partner up.

  • Station 1
    • Merkin – left hand on cinder block, right hand on ground | OYO 10
    • Merkin – both hands on cinder block | OYO 10
    • Merkin – right hand on cinder block, left hand on ground | OYO 10
  • Station 2
    • Concrete chunk toss. Grab a concrete chunk and toss as far as possible. Then pick it up and toss again, and again (3 total). PAX who gets it longest down range gets a cookie! WINNER was @bartman!
  • Station 3
    • Cinder block lift. Pickup the block from ground all the way above your head. | OYO 10
  • Station 4
    • People’s chair with 2 PAX back to back. Pass the cinder block around from side to side. | OYO 10

2 rounds

Some Merlot was splashed during the Cookie Contest rounds.

Mosey to BB courts for some MARY

  • Windshield Wipers | IC 10
  • Leg Lifts | IC 10
  • LBCs | IC 12
  • Balls to Sky | OYO 10
  • Sweat Angels | IC 12
  • Planks (each PAX counts down from 5. Total of 45 long seconds. DBA counting in another language!


  • 9 PAX with 2 FNG’s


  • Prayed for F3Cheech’s family. May he rest in peace.
  • Thanked for a strong showing today and for the 2 FNG’s Frisbee and Dillio. Welcome brothers!
  • May we have a great weekend and week ahead.


  • PAX did a great job of keeping up and motivating each other. Great showing today. let’s keep it up. We are close to the Double Digit Midget men!