5k Day with Some Extra Credit

by | Aug 5, 2017 | Back Blasts

QIC: spongebob
PAX POSTED: spongebob, dba, no-see-um, no-ski, dillio, bartman

@spongebob on Q. Weather was just right this AM. Time for some 5k running.

The Thang went like this, Q had a goal of achieving 3.1 mph average this morning, ended up doing 3.5 miles and still had a couple minutes of Mary to cool down…

Started with a Mosey right out the gate

SSHs OYO x10 each way as we did them while moving

Started a backwards jog to warm up the legs a little more

After a while Q switched it up to either Duck or Crab walk light pole to pole, about 50 yds


3 pax hail Marys, 2 plank while one does dips


Lunges x20 or more for that EC

Partner up and Wheel barrow, then swap


Mountain climbers


At this time time some pax were lagging and those ahead were doing wall sits where able, merkins, SSHs etc. while waiting…

Found Bball courts so stopped for some Bobby Hurleys x10

Did a coupe Sprints at Dillio’s suggestion

This is where we turned around

Mosey some more

Merkins x20. Carolina Dry docks x20

Mosey, then Imperial Walkers while moving x100

More mosey

No-see-um suggested a Bear crawl Indian Run for which we did two rounds


BB Sit ups x20


Side 2 side jumps

Mosey back to BB courts for some Mary…

LBCs IC x20

Freddy Mercury IC x20


  • Thanks were given for safe travels for @bartman
  • Continue prayers for @no-see-um and his wife’s work stuff
  • Keep asking for some spark in the fartsackers hearts