Upper Body Beatdown

by | Aug 22, 2017 | Back Blasts

QIC: bartman
PAX POSTED: bartman, no-ski
Awesome weather this AM. Florida finally had some cooler air moving through, and finally a bit cooler temp in the gloom. 2 PAX posted for the beatdown at #TheRanch. @bartman on Q.
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The Thang;
SSH in Cadence x 15

Wind mills in Cadence x 15

Cotton Pickers in Cadence x 15
Baby Arm Circles in Cadence x 15 x 2
Air presses in Cadence x 15
Mosey to mailbox wall
Merkins x 15
Herkins x 15
Derkins x 15
Mosey to roundabout
Bear Crawl halfway around
Crab walk halfway around
Mosey back to BB
Station 1
Ab Wheel x 15
Station 2
Step ups with LB3 x 15 each leg
Station 3
Dips x 25
Station 4
Arm curls with LB3 x 25
Station 5
BB Sit-ups x 25
Station 6
Plank until next Pax 
Mosey around BB Courts
Rinse and Repeat. 
Dying cockroach x 15
Legs to Heaven x 15
Lbc x 15
Sweat angels x 15
Freddie mercury x 15
  • COT was pretty quick as it was just 2 of us
  • Prayers for @no-see-um better half to have safe travels
  • Fartsackers…you know whats up