Weekend Edition Pain Delivery Successful

by | Sep 17, 2017 | Back Blasts

QIC: bartman
PAX POSTED: bartman, no-ski, no-see-um, heisenberg, dillio, dba, notoriousnyc, fiveoh

Little late on the BB, but here it is.

8 PAX posted for weekend edition beatdown. Great morning weather for a sweat fest. Flag was planted, and disclaimer was given. Men went to work…

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At BB courts;

SSH IC x 15

Imperial Walkers IC x 15
Wind Mills IC x 15
Air Presses IC x youhycccc
Annies IC x 15 each arm
Mosey to Roundabout
Bear Crawl around outside of roundabout stop at each line and do 5 Merkins
Crawl Bear around outside of roundabout stop at each line and do 5 Merkins
Bataan Death March – Indian Run, last Pax does 5 Burpees, catches up to Pax, taps last Pax (who does his 5 Burpees) and continues to front of the line.
Plank Hurdles –  Each Pax does plank and last in line hurdles over other Pax 
Shoulder taps IC x 15
10 Tempo Merkins
10 Fast Merkins
Plank Jacks x 20
Crab Jacks x 20
Monkey Squats x 20
Hip slappers x 20
Mosey to Park
Station 1 – Box jumps x 15
Station 2 – Ab Wheel x 10
Station 3 – Ascending Testicles 
Station 4 – Pull ups x 15
Station 5 – Dips x 10
Station 6 – Jump Rope
Station 7 – Plank
Station 8 – Squat Presses x 20
Mosey to BB
LBCs x 15
Gas Pump x 15
Leg Raises x 15
Sweat Angels x 15
Plank around the Pax
Spider-Man 10
Hammers x 10 each 
Crab cakes x 15
Sea star s x 10
Dying cockroach x 20
Bobby Hurleys x 20
Frankenstein’s x 15
  • Prayed for all that are still suffering from Irma and Harvey
  • Asked for prayers for Heisenberg’s sister, we need strong prayers here gentleman
  • Asked for fartsackers to get off their butts and come on out for a workout


  • Had a good second F at the local Starbucks for some coffeteria after the beatdown