Shooting Star = Sign of a Big Event Coming!

by | Sep 19, 2017 | Back Blasts

QIC: no-see-um
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Beautiful gloom greeted the pax this am and we knew it would be a great morning when No-Ski spotted a shooting star just before the workout began. When you Google “Shooting Star” on the web, here is what it says:

Shooting Stars symbolize Good Luck, A change or big event is coming towards your life!!

The Thang:

Warm Up:
Mosey to big roundabout……..
-Arm Circles

Mosey back towards the BBall courts right across from dog park.
-Mtn Climbers
-Monkey Squats

Now back to BBALL courts for two rounds of Bear Crawl Ring of Fire. First included 10 Merkins per man while each pax held Plank. Second round = 5 Merkins.

Partner Up now for Catch Me If You Can (Bartman/Heisenberg & Down Under/NotoriusNYC) and Catch Us If You Can (DBA/No-Ski/No-See-Um).

Lap was sidewalk around Dog Park/BBALL Courts/Tennis Courts. 5 Burpees for 2 rounds per man then 10 Monkey Humpers for 2 rounds.

*Bartman/Heisenberg put in some extra credit/pulled a ‘Dillio’ at the end of Catch Me If You Can……looks like they really wanted to see how those partner carry’s felt on the legs!! Nice Work!

*DBA also gets mad props for carrying YHC around the lap multiple times and holding his own.

Stay with Partners and with cones set up in P. Lot approx. 30 yards apart:
-Wheelbarrow walk down and back
-15 Leg Throwdowns for each pax
-Broken Wheelbarrow Walk
-10 Derkins for each
-Partner Carry down and back
-Partner Shoulder Taps to 50

DBA modified slightly as he was tired of carrying YHC’s big behind so he did Lunges/Duck Walks instead of the wheelbarrow walk/partner carry.


Hurricane Hoedown
-7 Haleluiah Flutter kicks
-7 Hands behind slightly reclined
-7 Normal Flutters
-7 LBC Flutters

YHC pushed the group here and we did 7, 6, 5, 4, and then 6 at the end to finish off all reps.

Lastly we did 5 sets of Merkin/Rt. Side Plank/Merkin/Lt. Side Plank.

And Recover!!!!! YHC was spent and I believe the rest of the Pax also were feeling it.

Great job by all and good to see Down Under back with us again. NotoriusNYC also looking stronger and stronger as YHC believes he hasn’t missed a workout since his first post??

*Three strong prayer requests today for three pax and need to remember to keep these men and families in our prayers.

-No-Ski’s M has family in Puerto Rico which is right in the path of Hurricane Maria. Prayers for safety and that the Lord would watch over that island.

-Down Under’s sister battling and dealing with her own issues and we all pray for comfort for her and her family.

-Continued prayers for Debbie (Heisenberg’s sister) as she continues to fight Thyroid cancer and will soon have surgery.

Honored to lead the Men of F3 Lutz this morning and truly wowed by the commitment and effort everyone puts forward at each and every workout.