Trick or Treat Deck & Hay Rides on Halloween morning….

by | Oct 31, 2017 | Back Blasts

QIC: No-See-Um
PAX POSTED: Dillio, No-Ski, No-See-Um, Haka, DBA, Bartman, Down Under, NotoriusNYC, Five-Oh

The Halloween Beatdown at F3Lutz brought with it 49 degree conditions but it didn’t take long for YHC to warm up the pax.  9 #HIM came together on this beautiful morning where talk of Boars & Coyotes & Alligators & Snakes have been all abound……..but let them run into this crew and they wouldn’t stand a chance.


YHC had some Pumpkin exercises planned for the day but made the mistake in looking for pumpkins on the day before Halloween and came up empty.  What do you do when the local church is all out of pumpkins but has plenty of hay bales………..well, you buy a Hay Bale and MODIFY YOUR PLANS!!!



-Imperial Walkers


-Peter Parker’s

-Plank Jacks

-Ring of Fire with Merkins 10, then 5


The Thang:


Trick or Treat Deck of Death……

-Spades = The Wolverine Burpee

-Hearts = Howling Monkeys

-Diamonds = Diamond Merkins

-Clubs = Pax Choice in rotating fashion


Circle up at courts for lots of exercises with a “Hay Ride” involved for each pax…..except the Hay Bale is riding YOU!


Each Pax takes lap around dog park with Hay Bale on back then falls back in line and continues exercises.


-Sweat Angels

-Creepy Crab Walk

-Peter Parker’s

-Dying Cockroaches

-Frankenstein Boogies

-American Hammers

-Bear Crawl






-Bobby Hurley’s




-Heels to Heaven

-Freddie Mercuries



*YHC finished off the last Hay Ride with a little extra credit as we were about 1 minute into OT.  Great job by all today and Haka won the costume contest with his ‘Eskimo’ get-up…….

*Brothers from another mother…….YHC & Bartman had a nice hug before the workout as both were sporting their afro-wigs and headbands!

*9 pax today and it was awesome to see the effort and dedication by all.

*Awesome to see Five-Oh back out today and glad he is doing well………held your own today after the hiatus so keep coming back!



-Prayers for Bartman and him and his familys travels to Mexico for wedding.

-Prayers from YHC that forgot to mention and this is for Fresh Prince as he is going to be undergoing neck surgery in early December that is much needed and we all hope & pray goes well.  Also, prayers for a member of F3 Lutz who is going through time right now…….please say a quick prayer.


Fun beatdown today and honored to lead this am!


*Look for November newsletter on Wednesday and introduction of November Challenge……….


TWO TEAMS………ONE Winner!!!


Will you be on the winning team???