Buddy Day at The Ranch

by | Dec 14, 2017 | Back Blasts

QIC: No-See-Um
PAX POSTED: No-Ski, DBA, Dillio, NotoriusNYC, Heisenberg, Grouper, No-See-Um

YHC felt like it was time to get the Pax mingling amongst each other more during the beatdown so that is just what we did.  After the Disclaimer was given YHC recited the 5 core principles of F3 (Free of Charge, Open to All Men, Held outdoors rain/shine/heat/cold, Led in rotating fashion by the pax with no certification/training neccessary and always ends with Circle of Trust!)


Conditions were great……..cool 50 degrees but quickly warmed up as YHC kept the 7 Pax moving from the word “Mosey”.



Mosey to the roundabout and all IC:


-Imperial Walkers

-Baby Arm Circles

-Cotton Pickers

-Monkey Squats

-Plank Jacks


Now time to grab yourself a buddy and mosey back to the BB courts while running side-by-side in full mumble chatter mode!  YHC will give credit to NotoriusNYC for this next comment as he said Bartman was supposed to POST this am but didn’t and because of that we had an odd number (7) instead of 8 if he would have joined…….curse you Bartman.


The Thang:

Now back at the courts Grab a New Buddy and we did:

-Partner Merkins/Shoulder Taps…..10 Merkins (OYO) then 10 Shoulder Taps (IC) with your Buddy…….then quick mosey around tennis courts and repeato!


Grab a New Buddy once again…….

-Partner Derkins/Plank…..15 (OYO) with your Buddy………..followed by quick mosey around tennis courts then repeato!


New Buddy ……

-Partner Leg Throw Downs (x 10) then flapjack.  Two sets of this per Pax then quick mosey around tennis courts!


New Buddy again for the Main Event of the gloom beatdown:

-Dora 123:

100 Shoulder Presses with concrete blocks (during which partner does Broad Jumps 40 yards to cones and jog back)

200 LBC’s (during which partner does Cheetah Run and jog back)

300 Squats (Bear Crawl down and jog back)


*The Cheetah Run definitely a crowd favorite and just gotta work on all the PAX being able to ever so slightly modify so each man can do the appropriately assigned exercise….but that will come with more hard work!  Proud of how hard everyone worked through the Dora today!


Now……….grab a New Buddy again (I think you get the idea…)

-Partner Wheelbarrow walk down to cones then flapjack and back.

YHC can personally attest that Heisenberg crushed his wheelbarrow walk and great to see the push/hard work!


-Partner Carry down and back.

The kid in DBA couldn’t stand it being the third wheel on the Partner Carries so he promptly begged Heisenberg for a ride………those two put in a Dillio while the Pax planked!


-Partner Air Square (back to back with backs holding each other up) for 30 seconds…….then quick jog to roundabout and back.  Then Partner Air Square for 60 seconds.  The pax can get better at this but we did have to take a timeout for a neighbor coming to get his mail at 6:05 in the morning.


Quickly now back to BB courts for about 3 MOM (All IC):

-Flutters x10

-Dolly x10

-Rosalita x10

-Dying Cockroach x10



-The Toy Drive in full effect and on for Food Truck/Movie Night collection on Friday.  Then most likely on to Firestation after the 2.0 workout on Saturday morning.

-Don’t forget 2.0’s (kids) invited this Saturday to the beatdown led by No-Ski who has lots of great stuff planned………both for the kids and challenging for the Pax as well!\

-Prayers for Haka that his hammy and ankle, which he rolled at Tuesday’s beatdown, get better.  Hard to keep that beast down so we know he will be back at it soon!

-Heisenberg had to take off right after the beatdown and we keep him in our prayers for his job hunting.

-Prayers for those pax not with us and those we haven’t seen in a week or so……….don’t let the cooler weather keep you in the fartsack.  Just think of the weather the Carolinas and those up north are getting!

-Listen out on Slack for possible 2nd F once the New Year hits as we may get something planned for early part of January…………keep your ears open!



-Great effort by all today as YHC really kept the group moving.

-Good mumble chatter today about the toy drive, the 2.0 workout Saturday followed by Coffeeteria/Breakfast at the Breakfast Nook down off HWY 41 south…..we hope everyone can join!

-Thanks again to NotoriusNYC for his efforts in coordinating the toy drive with the LLR Spirit Committee as well as Haka being the point person in collecting the toys.

-Next Tuesday, the 19th is still open and need a VQ to step up………let’s see if we can get that Q spot filled before Saturday or else we may just nominate one you guys….ha!

-See everyone at Food Trucks/Movie Night if you can join.