The Pace of a Cheetah at #TheRanch

by | Feb 8, 2018 | Back Blasts

QIC: No-See-Um
PAX POSTED: No-See-Um, No-Ski, Haka, Dillio, NotoriusNYC, Castro, Dwn-Unda

7 pax posted for a very hazy but warm Florida morning.  While the rest of the country may have six more weeks of winter after Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow last week, we are hoping here in Florida that may not be the case…………68 degrees at the start of this am’s beatdown!!


We first moseyed to the main roundabout for a plank while YHC quizzed the PAX on the five core principles and must say that we only had to hold the plank for maybe a minute.

Five Core Principles of F3:

-Free of charge

-Open to All Men

-Held outdoors rain or shine, heat or cold

-Led by men in a rotating fashion, with no certification or training necessary.

-Ends with Circle of Trust (COT)


The Thang:


Warm-up (all IC):

-SSH x 20

-Mtn Climbers x20

-Imp. Walkers x20

-Merkins x10


Mosey to BB courts for some extended warm-up:
-Frankenstein’s x15
-Plank Jacks x15
-Windmills x10
-5 Burpees (OYO)
Mosey to dead end….
-1 round of Bruce Lee’s then sprint to fire hydrant for:
-25 Merkins (OYO)
-25 Shoulder Taps (IC)
-25 Sky Squats (OYO)
-25 Lunges (OYO)
Sprint back to Dead End for 1 more round of BL’s.
Relay Time at BB Courts:
Team 1: Haka, Dillio, Castro, Dwn Unda
Team 2: No-See-Um, N0-Ski, NotoriusNYC
4 Burpee Broad Jump’s out to Cinder Block – then 5 Blocks from ground to overhead! Then run around dog park and back.  Once the pax member is done with Blocks this starts the rotation of other pax……
-Air Square
-(Team 1 with four guys also has SSH for other pax)
Team 1 smoked Team 2 on first go around…….however, Team 2 also had to have one pax going twice since only 3 team members.  Second time when pax finished with Block work he ran back to tag man in back of line and that started the rotation.  It was a closer race this time but Team 1 was still victorious.
Losing team does 10 Burpees while other team SSH!  However, NO SSH’s were done as all of Team 1 did the Burpees with Team 2!  You guys were wanting more punishment for your bodies!
Relay #2:
Wheelbarrow Walk around Block (15 yards out) and back per man while others plank and wait for their turn!
Dang Team 1 once again in the victory circle…….
Relay #3:
Bear Crawl around Block and back while others plank.  This is where No-Ski (going first and last) channeled his inner Cheetah (not Bear) and was like a flash of light as he tracked down Castro to steal the win!
Now just enough time for the last set of BL’s of the morning to get to three!
-YHC thankful for the F3 group of men and the constant push/dedication/commitment/etc that all the pax put forth at every workout.
-Tough days on the job for many pax and much needed Beatdowns help alleviate some of that stress!
-Prayers for Haka’s sister-in-law (Michelle) and the family.  May the god give the family strength and comfort and understanding to cherish all the moments with each other.
-Prayers for YHC’s colleague’s family as the deal with the death of ex-wife and mother of his children.
-Mentioned those not with us for different reasons at today’s beatdown and past ones……..let’s light a fire under those men as we all know they need to be out here with their F3 brothers.
-The Bruce Lee master (AKA NotoriusNYC) continues his scorching pace of Bruce Lee sets as we all watch in amazement his point total grow!  Teach us the way oh great one 🙂
-YHC tried to set a fast pace (kinda like a cheetah Image result for emoji for thinking) this morning and all pax kept up nicely………honored to Q and lead this group again as it has been awhile.
-Castro with his VQ this Saturday so hopefully we will have good turnout!
-Possibly doing the Breakfast Nook after for coffeeteria so listen up on Slack for more on that!
-6:15 Ruck before Saturday’s workout around lake!!!
Peace and have a great Thursday and Friday!