These Damn Burpees

by | Feb 10, 2018 | Back Blasts

PAX POSTED: no-see-um, no-ski, dillio, grouper, needles

Today we got after it with a 1.5 mile run. There were stops along the the way, but we never took our foot off the gas. During these stops we managed to get in a full set of Bruce Lee’s, 50 squats, 30 lunges, 50 Merkins, and dozens of Burpees. Let me tell you about the Burpee’s. They came in after a 50 yard full sprint (race style). The idea was to race 50 yards, drop and do 10 Burppes, and sprint back to the start before your counterpart. This was a relay style race. The losing team was punished with 60 seconds of Burpees. The winning team was rewarded with 60 seconds of side straddle hops. We conducted two relay style races before the beat down ended. All in all, heart rates were constantly running at a maximum effort. We closed out with one last set of Bruce Lee’s. From there we ended with a great COT.

Thanks to all they guys that posted this morning. Looking forward to getting after it on Tuesday morning, Gents.

– Castro