bo knows sprints!

by | Feb 20, 2018 | Back Blasts


Beautiful morning for a beatdown. Men were even there early to stretch and get warmed up. @Dillio was even early by his standards, 45 whole seconds! 


Windmill x 15 IC

Superman x 15 IC

Groiners x 15 OYO

Circle up – run in place, each man does an up down around the circle. X 2

The Thang:

In the parking lot:

½ Bruce Lee (first 3 exercises), 5 burpees, Sprint 50m (together), ½ Bruce Lee (last 3 exercises), 5 Burpees. 4 total rounds.

Round 2 is where YHC could taste the chicken from the night before along with some stomach acids. Yum.

@Dillio definitely grew extra tendons in his calfs or something, he might be Bo Jackson’s son. FYI, Bo Jackson’s 40yd dash time was 4.12 seconds. @Castro was a beast too, but he doesn’t count since he’s in his 20’s so I won’t mention him.

Indian Run – from parking lot down sun lake almost to the cow pasture. First we started slow increasing the pace as YHC called a pace increase. Goal was to keep the pack tight and together. no man was to be left behind. We eased up when any PAX needed. @DBA gets bonus points for pushing himself hard today!!! We are ALL stronger than we think we are.

Once at destination, we performed the following:

25 Split jacks

25 squats

25 plank jacks

25 shoulder taps

Mucho Chesto

Indian Run back to bball courts. Same way as above.

We had a few minutes left and YHC wanted to inflict as much pain as possible so we continued with the bruce lee burpee sprints from above. We managed to get in 1 more round (5 bruce lee rounds for the day)…but then I heard music to my ears…I heard @Castro and @No-Ski request 1 more sprint….so in alpha male fashion we all lined up with the most determined faces ready to beat Dillio Jackson (some of us past the starting line (@castro eh hem). Then I called…”On your mark, get set, GO!”…and then the horses were off…and low and behold it was like watching the kentucky derby in amazement…who is that?! Holy crap it’s @no-ski from 3 lengths back. Nobody could catch him. He soared over the finish line like the 1973 secretariat.

Post race update: His achilles is a little tender but the good thing is that we will not have to put him down. Doctors are giving him a good prognosis. He is in the stable this evening icing and relaxing.



Thankful to be up in the am with fellow men working hard mentally and physically. This makes us better.

Many men going through internal challenges, prayers for those who are struggling with whatever it may be