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by | Feb 26, 2018 | Back Blasts

PAX POSTED: Dillio, heisenberg, spinner, notoriousnyc, dba, grouper

Great day for a saturday beatdown. Men were excited to get to work. Seriously. @Dillio was 1 min and 15 seconds early. YHC knew it was going to be a good day. Welcome back @spinner! Glad we didn’t scare you off.


SSH x 15 IC

Burpee Broad Jump across Bball court

Spiderman across bball court

Forward lunge across bball court

Reverse lunge across bball court

Quad pullbacks across bball court

Hamstring floor sweeps across bball court

The thang:

YHC liked the music from @notoriousnyc’s previous workout so he brought his own. When asked for an artist, @grouper suggested nsync. Hard rock was played.

Tabata at bball courts (20s ON 10s OFF) Each exercise 2x (total 5 min):

Lizard Hops

Burpee with thigh slap jump

3-way mountain climber

Star jump

Squat jacks


Men were asked to grab a coupon of choice in the back of my truck, then we proceeded to the field of pain (and fire ants).

At the field with Coupon of choice:

Partner up. Partner 1 performs Bruce Lee wile pax 2 is running across field with coupon and then runs backwards with coupon to the start. Pax 2 does this until pax 1 completes the bruce lee. Flip flop. We did this 5 times.

@notoriousnyc does not like fire ants, he did his bruce lee’s on the sidewalk.


Back to bball court with coupon and partner:

Each pax completes the number of cumulative reps for each exercise

Pax 1 performing side to side merkins (in sets of 10) on coupon while pax 2 is holding plank. Flippity flop until 100 reps total.

Pax 1 performing shoulder press with coupon (in sets of 20) while pax 2 is laying down holding feet 6 inches off ground. Flip flop. 200 reps total.

Pax 1 performing front squat with coupon (in sets of 25) while pax 2 holding low squat. Flip flop. 300 reps total.

Done. Great work by all. I was spent, couldn’t even talk during COT.


Beautiful morning, thankful to have health and ability to do this. We all are thankful and appreciative for what we DO have.

Safe travels @dillio and his family this weekend

Going to miss @Heisenberg, @notoriousnyc needs to age faster, we need a new over 50 f3lutz token. In all seriousness, you will be missed @heisenberg, watching you crush it every week is inspirational. Hope to see you out as much as possible in the next couple weeks before you depart.

@no-ski get better!


I will be sending out details on a new challenge, will encompass more than fitness.