The Last of the Merkins!

by | Apr 1, 2018 | Back Blasts

QIC: No-See-Um
PAX POSTED: No-See-Um, No-Ski, NotoriusNYC, Flat Tire

With Easter weekend among us, several pax were out of town but still four made it out of the fartsack for a good ole-fashioned beatdown.  A little wet from an early morning shower but the temperature was just right.


The last day of March means the last day of March Merkin Madness (a little challenge we’ve been doing with other Mustard Seed groups).  YHC planned as many as possible and boy did we burnout the upper body today!



-SSH – Imp. Walkers – Frankensteins – Merkins


BOPO: (30)

-Burpee, One Leg Burp, Plank Jack, Other One Leg Burp – x4 (OYO)….Mosey around dog park.

Then BOPO again x 3 (OYO)….Mosey then another x3 (OYO)


On to the FOP for lots of action………….

Bear Crawl Ring of Fire: (10)

-10 Merkins per man then bear crawl around ring until stop.


Over to our little hill for some Tunnel of Love that everyone seemed really excited about!


Clock Merkins (78)

12:00 = 12, 11:00 = 11, 10:00 = 10……..all the way down to 1:00!


Follow the Leader (to the parking lot): (60)

-10 Merkins   -Side bunny hops forward   -Curb steps sideways   -Side bunny hops backward   -10 Merkins


-Bear Crawl forward to curb       – Bear Crawl sideways       – Crawl Bear – 10 Merkins


-Rinse & Repeat


*Just as YHC was explaining the next exercise (The Death Run), good ole’ Dillio showed up with the Flag as well as his beautiful daughter.  She seemed way more excited about being there than he did but thanks for bringing Old Glory and planting it for us!


Death Run (85)

Sprint 50 yards – 21 slow three-count Merkins…..Sprint – 18 three count Merkins…..Sprint – 15, 12, 9, 6, 3, 1.


11’s (55)



Pavilion work – Wall Sits while each pax runs around tree and back and does 20 Monkey Humpers.  Next round with 25 LBC’s.


Circle up around flag for Mary with sprints to pavilion and back by each pax individually.  Various work by each pax including Box Cutters, LBC’s, SSH, Plank, Six Inches, Dolly, Sweat Angels and much more.



-Each pax shared a little something about themselves that no one in the group knew.  Some were sentimental while some were……..well not (pop tarts).  And then some were reminders of why we do this thing called F3 and what it can mean to each of us if we commit!  Just a little way to get to know the pax a little better we will start doing from time to time.


-Starkey Classic coming up and we should have business cards to hand out by then …….thanks No-Ski!


-Just as we were about to close out with a prayer, Five-Oh and Red Reaper showed up helping set up for Easter Egg Hunt festivities at LLR so they joined in.  Prayers for all families and to remember the importance of Easter – He Is Risen!


*Approx. 348 Merkins today!!!