dont drop the coupon

by | Apr 10, 2018 | Back Blasts

QIC: Haka
PAX POSTED: No-see-um, Dillio, Grouper

Great day in the gloom for a beatdown. Only 4 men strong this am but what we lacked in numbers @no-see-um made up in sweat.  The theme was “dont drop the coupon”.

Quick Warmup:

Men were told to show up erly to warm up on their own, @Dillio didnt disappoint, 3 minutes early.

Walking quad stretch

Walkig Hamstring Stretch

Side Shuffle floor sweeps

Mosey to Dead End:

100 LBCs, run to other end of dead end, 100 squats, run to other end, 100 flutter kicks, run to other end 50 forward walking lunges, 50 walking reverse lunges

Indian run with the coupon (25lb slam ball) – last man runs to front with coupon, coupon is then passed back to the last man, repeato. We ran from dead end of gloom all the way down long lake ranch blvd and down nature view back to bball courts. Men were told if the coupon was dropped there would be a 50 burpee penalty. The coupon was not dropped once. Great mental focus this am!

back at bball court, YHC explained that he was sure that we were going to drop the coupon at least once. So we did our 50 burpees anyways. Men loved this.

Then we finished with 25 Hand release Werkins and a Bruce Lee.


YHC caught @no-see-um wringing out his shirt sweat into his mouth again. Weird.


COT: Prayers for @no-ski and his family as they work through this challenging time. We are here for you with whatever you need.



5k this Saturday at Starkey Ranch. @dillio will still be posting at the bball court at 7:30 for anyone wanting to get a workout that will not be participating in the 5k.