PT Testing day. Oorah!

by | Apr 21, 2018 | Back Blasts


7 HIM posted today for a day of PT testing. YHC figured we needed something to gauge our current fitness levels and I couldn’t be more proud for the hard work put out by all today!

Warm-Up – Global Warming: Circle Up, Al Gore shuffle around the circle until YHC called out an exercise. Perform exercise and AL Gore shuffle the opposite direction. Rinse and Repeat. Burpees, Merkins, Leg Raises, Big Boy Sit Ups.

PT testing commence! We shook out our arms in prep for the pushups.

2 min push up test. YHC noted that your elbows must be at 90 degrees to count as a rep. Each pax performed their set and flip flopped for partner.

Next was the Squat Test: YHC noted that your hamstrings must be parallel with the floor to count as a rep, alternatively you could touch your hand to the ground. Each pax performed their set and flip flopped for partner. F3 Form police were out in full force on this one!

Next was the sit up test: YHC noted that your hands are interlocked behind your head and your elbows must touch your thighs/knees and your shoulders blades must touch the ground.

We all watched in amazement when @notoriousnyc did his. He was determined to give it his all.

We slow moseyed down to the starting point, the dead end of death. Once YHC called the 1 mile course and set his watch, and we were off! We gave it all we got on this one. All men were gassed.

We took a few minutes to cool down and did an indian run back to the basketball courts with a few minutes to spare. YHC had so much more beatdown planned but time was not on his side. At the courts we finished with 20 burpees, 25 flutter kicks IC, and 25 leg raises.



COT: great to be out with these men of F3 lutz, giving it our all. We are leaders of this community, lets grow and become positive examples for those around us. Prayers for the murdered police officers and their families as well as the victims of the school shooting in Ocala.

Moleskin: Unbelievable sweatfest today. Loved every minute of it. We will be doing this again in 6 weeks. Until then, each Q will now be responsible for making sure we train the PT test exercises to ensure we smash our times in 6 weeks. I loved every minute today watching everybody give it their all. Its about doing your best and leaving it all out there. If we can do this in every aspect of our lives, we will succeed. I will be posting a shared google doc with everyone’s times as well as some standards by age group.

Second F Thursday April 26th at In The Loop Brewing. See slack for details. Be there.