Group Q Effort Today

by | May 31, 2018 | Back Blasts

QIC: Group Q
PAX POSTED: no-ski, dba, dillio, grouper, endo

We had 5 PAX posting for today’s beatdown in the gloom. It was a bit humid and a little wet morning. Nothing we haven’t done before. A couple of PAX are DR, and some got sick recently. We wish them a speedy recovery and safe travels for those DR. We hope to have everyone back in the saddle by next week.

4 PAX will be representing F3Lutz in tomorrows GoRuck Tough challenge down in Clearwater. It’s a D-Day based 12-hour beatdown that we are looking forward to.

It was decided to do a group Q today. Each of the 5 PAX got to put in about 9 minutes of pain on the rest. No new faces this morning, so no need for a disclaimer. The flag was planted and the men of F3Lutz went to work.

Warmup by @dillio.

Some SSH, Baby Arm Circles, Windmills. We circled up and @dillio gave us a dumbbell to pass around as we trotted in a circle clockwise, then counter-clockwise while doing some exercises in between.

Next up was @dba.

Little mosey over to the roundabout. Time to do some B L I M P S with 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 increments. Followed up by a set of Bruce Lee which consists of:  x20 Flutters (per leg), x20 Leg Raises, x20 American Hammers (per side), x20 Dying Cockroach, x20 Freddy Mercury’s, x20 LBC’s.

Back to BB courts for @endo to take over.

@endo had some cones setup ahead of time at the parking lot. Time for some suicides with exercises at each cone. First was x5 Merkins at each cone, in between the suicides. Total of 50 merkins. Next up was the same thing but with squats and this time x10 at each cone.

@grouper took over and kept us at the cones. It was all abdominal action with him.

Instead of the suicides, he had us run to the furthest cone and do x100 LBC’s, run back to start and do x50 Leg Raises. Keep going back and forth with x100 Flutter Kicks (per leg) and finish strong with x100 LBC’s again at the start. After these were done, we did a quick mosey around the dog park/tennis courts.

9 minutes goes by fast when you are having fun.

@no-ski was next to wrap things up.

@no-ski did a mosey over to the Sunlake Blvd. We stopped there and did x20 Box Cutters and x20 Sweat Angels (his favorites). Mosey back to BB courts all the way around the Tennis courts. Just in time for 6:15 AM buzzer.


Total Distance: 1.90 mi


  • Prayers for @haka’s SIL.
  • Prayers for those that are DR.
  • Prayers for @dba’s son that he recovers quickly from being sick.
  • Prayers for the PAX.


  • Great job by all on the group Q.
  • C.S.A.U.P tomorrow. Let’s represent well!
  • @endo has the Q for Saturday. Make sure you are there!
  • Shirts order is completed at this time. Thank you all that ordered items and @no-see-um for getting it all organized.