A Journey to Lake Payne 3 Times Over

by | Jun 2, 2018 | Back Blasts


Only 4 PAX posted on this beautiful and sunny morning for a smokin hot sweatfest…in honor of our fellow F3Lutz men competing in the Go Ruck, YHC decided to dish out some long, hard fought miles of our own (4 total to be exact)!  YHC arrived an hour early to set the course, plant the flag and prepare to administer the beatdown.  All regulars today so a quick disclaimer was given and the men of F3Lutz went to work…


The Warm-up

SSH  –  IC  –  x15


BABY ARM CIRCLES  –  IC  –  x20 (10 Forward / 10 Reverse)

JUMPING LUNGES  –  OYO  –  x20 (10 Per Leg)

HUGS  –  IC  –  x10

J LOs  –  IC  –  x15


The Beginning

Fast mosey to the mailboxes

DIPS  –  OYO  –  x30

STEP-UPS  –  OYO  –  x20 (10 Per Leg)


The Middle

Another mosey across the BB courts through the field of pain and onto the outskirts of Lake Payne.  Evidence that YHC had been here early for set up was immediately evident by the randomly placed cones set up at various points around the lake.  (10 to be exact)

FULL 1.25 MILE LAPS AROUND LAKE PAYNE  –  x3  (heard many moans and groans but the men went straight to work)

  • 1st LAP  –  MERKINS AT EVERY CONE  –  OYO  –  x10 (100 total)
  • 2nd LAP  –  SQUATS AT EVERY CONE  –  OYO  –  x15 (150 total)
  • 3rd LAP  –  LBCs AT EVERY CONE  –  OYO  –  x20 (200 total)

Halfway point each lap Plank Up for Al Gore until all PAX catch up.  @DBA wanted to pass on Lap 3 and modify, however with a quick drink of water and some motivation from the men, he was back up and moving again, way to hang in there.  Amazingly each lap finished a good 2 minutes under the projected time which meant 6 extra minutes of beatdown to ensue later on…


The Finale

Mosey back to BB courts for some MARY consisting of:

  • FLUTTERKICKS  –  IC  –  x10
  • LEG RAISES  –  IC  –  x10
  • BOX CUTTERS  –  IC  –  x10
  • OUTLAWS  –  IC  –  x10

Of course what beatdown would be complete without some burpees

Final 2 minutes  –  BURPEES  –  OYO  –  As many as you can do until the alarm sounded (each PAX got in around 20 or so)




  • Prayers for the men of F3Lutz as they should be at or nearing the completion of the Go Ruck, that there were no injuries and and some great stories to bring back.
  • Prayers for @NEEDLES  M  as she is due soon, may she have a safe and easy labor and they have a healthy 2.0.
  • Continued prayers for @HAKA  SIL  that their family continue to stay strong through this unimaginably tough time.
  • Prayers for those who could not get out of bed to join us that they find the way back to the beatdown to get stronger and become better leaders.



  • The men were not prepared for so much running today but pushed through it.
  • Proud to be able to provide leadership and help motivate them today and they responded incredibly.
  • Congrats to the men for the completion of the CSAUP at the Go Ruck, proud of you guys.
  • @VANELLOPE great job keeping pace in your first post since illness last week.
  • @NEEDLES welcome back, great job pushing the pace on your first post since your injury.