Lucky 7’s & The MerkPee Wave

by | Jul 19, 2018 | Back Blasts

QIC: No-See-Um
PAX POSTED: No-See-Um, No-Ski, Vanellope, DBA, Grouper, Rockwell, Haka, Nitrous


YHC has missed some time lately at #TheRanch and has missed his F3Lutz brothers.  Luckily, today YHC had the Q and was excited to bring some fresh, new material out to share with the pax…….not sure how excited the pax were once everything was underway.  However, the gloom was waiting on us and the flag was planted so we went straight to work after quick disclaimer.


YHC had the pax briskly mosey to the roundabout for the start of the warm-up.


Warm-Up (All IC):

-IMP Walkers x 15

-Merkins x15

-Mountain Climbers x15


Mosey to Sunlake

-SSH x15

-Shoulder Taps x16 (missed count….)

-Plank Jacks x15



Indian Run back to Da Curb (small square sidewalk space next to BB Court)



Circle Burp (for three rounds or so) and then a new one introduced by YHC.


The MerkPee Wave:

-Everyone stays in circle and starts in Plank position.  Individually just like the Circle Burp each PAX says “UP” (or there favorite variation) and performs Merkin and then jumps up doing last half of Burpee and then back down to plank with another Merkin.  Three rounds of that got the pax right where they needed to be!


Quick 10 count and over to parking lot where YHC already had cones and Big Blue water container set up for the next fun that would be had.



Squats on one end & Star Jacks on the other…….Oh, and also with 5 Burpees in middle on every pass.  Stole this idea from the pax in Raleigh where the Burpees were performed on a hill and down the hill on each side is where the Squats and Star Jacks were done!!!


*Heard lots of moaning on this one but not much mumble chatter.


Partner up now for some Bear Crawl 1-2-3!


P1:  Bear Crawl approx. 15 yards to cones and then Crawl Bear back to partner.

P2:  Starts with exercises below….modified reps because of time.

-50 Merkins

-100 LBCs

-150 Monkey Humpers


With six minutes to spare, back to the BB courts for some Mary.


Captain Thor – 1:4 ratio of Big Boy Sit Up / American Hammer……. all the way to 10:40!!!



-Haka shared disappointing news on his sister-in-law Michelle.  Prayers were lifted up for the family as they all know the time is near for her to be at peace.  No-Ski took us out with the prayer.



-Not a lot of chatter today but that’s because the men were putting in some hard work.


-Great effort by all today and good to see Nitrous back after Tuesday’s pain session!  Rockwell also battling through a tweaked knee today!


-Awesome to see all in attendance choosing the DRP today and thoughts with those that couldn’t be with us this morning.  Get better Dillio!!!