Spider Men Sighting @F3Lutz

by | Jul 24, 2018 | Back Blasts

QIC: Vanellope
PAX POSTED: DBA, Endo, Haka, Halftime (FNG), Nitrous, No-ski, No-see-um, Vanellope

Welcome FNG Halftime. 8 Pax posted for another muggy Florida morning. Rain held off, flag was planted, and disclaimer was given. Each Pax was well rested coming off a 2 day rest from the previous beat down, so YHC was ready to bring the pain.



Mosey around back to BB courts.

-Merkins x25        -Clerkin x15

-Big Boys x25        -Big boys into Standing position x15

-Squats x25           -Jump Squats x15


Mosey around back to BB courts

Enjoyed a variety of Core workouts. Remaining in some form of plank position through out the core building exercises.

-IC- Side Plank with a Crunch x10

-IC- Peter Parkers x10

-IC- Plank while bringing knee across body x10

-IC- Plank Elbows to hands rotating x10

-IC- Windshield Wipers x10

-OYO- Bruce Lee’s x1 Set

*YHC focused this session of core for those PAX with lower back pain.


Mosey around back to BB courts

-Peter parkers with a merkin walk (This is where 8 want to be Spider Men were sighted staying low on all 4’s and walking across the BB courts while performing merkins)

-Broads Jumps (Line to line)

-Squat shuffle (Line to line)


Mosey around back to BB courts

Circuit, supposed to be 1 minute on 10 seconds off. But YHC had a hiccup setting timer. So the only off time the PAX got was the walk to the next cone. (About 12 minutes in total for the circuit)

-Balls to the Wall

-Baby Arm Circles (with 2.5lb pink weights, a lot Pax got a kick from this but little did they know 1 mintue of baby arm circles with 2.5lbs and coming off balls to the wall puts a really good burn on those deltoids)

-One leg squats



-Ball to the sky

-Mucho Chesto


Finished up circuit with about 2 and a half minutes to spare, and did a quick mosey around and back to bb courts.


Mission Accomplished



-Continued thanks for a beautiful morning of beatdown.

-No-ski and the sale of his house

-Haka, family, and SIL

-No-see-um and his wife

-Endo’s M

-Rockwell’s battle

-Dillio and a healthy recovery

-FNG Halftime, that he may continue to join.