Miles/Merkins Pole to Pole

by | Aug 7, 2018 | Back Blasts

QIC: Vanellope
PAX POSTED: DBA, Endo, Halftime, Haka, Flat tire, Nitrous, Vanellope

Another beautiful morning at the Ranch. 7 PAX posted for a beatdown from YHC. Some PAX got off to a great start with a pre-workout ruck, Endo and Halftime each putting in some miles. Its good to see all the PAX really going all out for the August Challenge, Merkins and Miles for Michelle, 7 Days in and showing no signs of slowing down. No disclaimer needed, all veteran PAX in attendance. Flag was planted and ready for beatdown.


Mosey to Round a bout


IC- SSH- X15

IC- Baby Arm Circles X10 (reverese)

IC- Air Presses X20

IC- Windmill X15

IC- Merkins X15

OYO- Burpees X10


Mosey to Sunlake


All PAX planked up while YHC gave the next workout.


-Facing north each PAX ran from pole to pole alternating between Merkins and Lunges (X25 each) all the way to the last pole before the first intersection.

-With no rest, the PAX turned it around heading south, each PAX ran pole to pole alternating between Squats and LBC’s (X25 each)

*On the way back YHC threw in a curveball and made each PAX drop and do 5 burpees for every car that passed heading north. While still completing the workout. The moans were heard but the PAX gave it there best. 14 Poles each way to overcome and 6 cars that passed was enough to here all the PAX gasping at the end.


Indian Run back t0 BB courts


One set of Bruce Lee’s and time expired.


Totals for August Challenge:

-Merkins= 245

-Miles= 2.13



-Continued prayers for each PAX  and there families

-Thankful for a beautiful morning and a great group of guys