Man Makers with a 35 # coupon are FUN!

by | Aug 18, 2018 | Back Blasts

QIC: No-See-Um
PAX POSTED: No-See-Um, No-Ski, , Grouper, Endo, Vanellope, DBA, Deuce, FNG (Aquaman), NotoriousNYC, Key West, Haka

When YHC decided about four days ago he would ask No-Ski to switch Q’s with him from next Saturday to this one, he didn’t foresee quite the challenge he had anticipated.  The IronPaxChallenge is an F3 Greenwood CSAUP if you will and all of F3Nation is taking on during different parts of their weekly workouts.  YHC knew this was a great opportunity to surprise this Mustard Seed group and slowly teased what was going to happen on Saturday in the gloom starting around Friday afternoon.  Not many HC’s were being heard on Slack, but nevertheless 11 Pax posted to enjoy a good ole-fashioned torture fest at the FOP here at #TheRanch.


Here’s what went down…………….


After the flag was planted and YHC waited patiently for his remaining coupons to show up (ahemmmmmm….just kidding NotoriusNYC and No-Ski), 2 minute, then 1 minute, then 30 second warning was given and Endo hit the courts with about 3 seconds to spare.  Disclaimer was given and the morning beatdown commenced!




Mosey to the roundabout.  Five core principles were recited with help from all of the pax:


F3 is….

  1. Free
  2. Open to all MEN
  3. Held outdoors rain/shine, heat/cold
  4. Led in rotating fashion with no certification or training necessary.
  5. Always end with Circle of Trust (COT).


Following in IC:

SSH  x 12

Windmills x 12

Squats x 12

Merkins x 10

Mountain Climbers x 12

Baby Arm Cirlces x 12

OH Claps x 12

Lunges x 10 (OYO)


Now, back to the BB Courts for water/glove/towel pick up then on to the FOP for the main event.


Main Event:


The IronPaxChallenge this week consists of 4 sets of 8 minute AMRAP exercises with a mandatory 2 minute break in between each set.  Well, YHC got so excited after learning he would indeed be able to pull off the Q switcharoo that he ordered a Jumbo Countdown Clock to use for his Saturday Q.  Well, after late night testing all seemed to be just fine…………but we all know how things can go haywire when it is Go-Time and you are the Q.  And yes, haywire is what happened for sure!!!


So after the explanation of the mornings Iron Pax Challenge (listed below), YHC went to start his 8 minute timer and all “you know what” broke loose…….no bother though as our FNG stepped up and ran the timer on his watch to save the day.


Here’s the challenge in a nut shell:

Accumulated Rep Scoring


4 Sets x 8 minutes

*Perform as many reps as possible in 8 minutes AND after every 25 reps run 25 yards out and back (50 yards total)

*Rinse & Repeat until 8 minutes is up

*Keep track of your own rep count

*2 minute rest after each 8 minutes is up (no more/no less) in between sets


*Oh Yeah……..forgot to mention that all of these sets are with a coupon.  A 25-35 # Cinder Block ……….. I’m not sure where you find “standard cinder blocks in the 25 # range” so most all of the ones we had were a solid 35+ and our pax were up to the challenge.

Set 1 – Thrusters w/ coupon

Set 2 – Curls w/ coupon

Set 3 – Kettle Bell Swings w/ coupon

Set 4 – Man Makers w/ coupon (basically a damn Burpee with a big, heavy block along for the ride)


Total Score kept= Rep count of Set 1+Set2+Set3+Set4


This was a major Ball Buster but I know that all the PAX loved it……………Muahahhhahahahaaaaaa!!!! Nevertheless, it’s always great to challenge the men of F3 Lutz to something because WE are always up for it.




-Welcome to our FNG – Aquaman and thanks for your unwavering passion when you shared your story with us this morning.  The pax will benefit from your energy and enthusiasm for your faith for sure!


-Prayers for Haka, Family and SIL Michelle as she continues to fight.  Always remember what our challenge for the month is all about……..Merkins & Miles for Michelle!  And remember no matter what kind of points you are putting up…….they are all counting for something!!!


-Prayers for N0-Ski as his family’s move is among us and he needs help in the coming week.  Prayers for strength for him and his family and that he knows his F3 brothers are behind him.


-Maybe not shared but continued prayers for Endo and his shoulder issues and his M’s health.


-Also, prayers for Needles and his job interviews!



-Key West is our 2 day straight visitor from Puerto Rico and YHC would like to claim him as our own…………..guy just goes about his business and puts in hard work the entire beatdown!

-DBA and NotoriousNYC – while maybe using the standard 25 # block (which is what the challenge called for BTW… no shame there at all!) put in hard work and never quit.

-Deuce and Endo were helping push each other and probably bitching/moaning about YHC’s workout…..haha!

-No-Ski & our FNG (Aquaman) helped keep the time this morning after YHC’s Jumbo clock failed him.  Both were by YHC and cranking the reps out!

-Vanellope & Haka also right beside YHC and both pushed me to keep the reps a-going………great to see all these men give it there all this am.

-Grouper must have been putting in hard work b/c every time YHC was turning for his 25 yard out and back he saw Grouper…………that would mean YHC was putting in work as well 🙂


Men, you have to go to to post your score and see those listed below.  Also listed below are the totals for our Merkins & Miles for Michelle Challenge.


20 Merkins + your personal Man Makers total


Our totals for today are listed below and we will be utilizing the Super Hero Trophies going forward for all challenges/CSAUP’s and the like………..writing nicknames/challenges/month/year on the trophies where appropriate.


Nickname – Rep Count

Haka – 710

No-See-Um – 679

Aquaman (FNG) – 650

Vanellope – 607

Endo – 551

Grouper – 549

Key West – 546

No-Ski – 405

DBA – 395

Deuce – 385

NotoriousNYC – 190 (with some modifications b/c of injury)